iHost/CUBE can't create scenes with temperature sensor as eWeLink WEB can?

Is it so that iHost/CUBE can’t create scenes with temperature sensor as eWeLink WEB can? Those Zigbee sensors are conected to iHost but not visible in Scenes.

It should work like this:

I also have SNZB-02D connected to iHost directly and it’s not selectable in the scene creation. The same with SNZB-02. On the other hand THR316D is visible.

What’s the version of your eWeLink CUBE, may I ask?

A partial screenshot of your device page would be helpful too.

Just in case:
If you connect SNZB-02D to Ihost directly it won’t be visible in Ewelink Web. I suggest to use Zigbee Pro as hub to Ihost. After thet all sensors will be accessible either Ihost and Ewelink web.

It’s the latest 2.0.0 iHost and only a few sensors are connected to the iHost directly. There are two more ZBBridge-P and two NSPanel86PB in the network on the other floors and buildings. iHost has installed Paral-sync and eWeLink Smart Home Add-ons (Docker). All are up to date. I’m using local scenes on the iHost and some others on eWeLink Web.


:smile: my mistake, when I add If… “Smart Devices” then open the list scrollbar on the right disappears - meaning I did not scroll down to my other devices.

Sorry for the lost time. Thank you for your help.

PS check the screen recording below


Glad it worked out anyway :smile:

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