Motion sensor SNZB-06P with Ihost + Node Red problems

I recently bought this sensor to replace the SNZB-03, when they detect they turn it on and the next moment it turns it off, I have increased the Detection Period time but I still have the same problem, I have also changed the sensitivity and it continues to do the same thing. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong, I’ll leave my node for you to see.Greetings and thanks.


I can’t see your flow that well but you can put an extra debug nodes after the two device control nodes and see if it is your flow doing this.

Also why is your flow so complicated? Checking global or flow variables? I would just have a node for the sensor, a node for the switch and a node each for turning the device on and off.

And if you want full control over the timing in Node-Red I was just yesterday experimenting with putting a filter node between the switch On and a new switch Off but deleting the original switch off. Think the default is only 250ms so you’d want to make that something sensible. Also there is a check box to reset the timer every new activation so if movement happens during the period it resets. At least that is how I think it works. Only playing with it yesterday. I always thought a trigger node was about debouncing but it seems much more versatile.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention in the trigger node there is an option to do nothing on the first trigger and only after the time period has ended send out anything. Make sure do nothing on first signal is selected before connecting the turn off device node.

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This is the current flow I am experimenting with today

That didn’t work. I tried to paste a link to the flow I screenshot.


That seems to work on my phone using a 1st generation motion sensor.

Thanks for the response, in the end I had to introduce a 1sg tigger into the node to eliminate bounces, and I selected the box. extend delay if new message arrives. I have complicated the node so much by trying to eliminate the bounces it had when turning on and turning off suddenly.

Nothing even with a tigger, I have checked it with Ihost Scenes and the same thing happens to me with the 2 sensors I have bought, I don’t know how to make them work correctly.

I only ever use motion sensors in Node Red as On.
Are you getting frequent ON,/OFF, On/OFF…
Or ON, ON, ON, ON?
There’s never enough control of how quickly it resets so I just turn it down and then takeover control myself.

You’re going to laugh at me but you know what’s wrong, the zbmini module turns off, I’ve only checked the connections and the power OK, it’s the module, who would think.