【Add-on Guide】eWeLink Smart Home

I have sync then unsync and sync again the device. Moreover the lan controle is allowed for the device under ewelink app.
The lan control is impossible for my two devices with ihost : Basic R2 and TH16 switch.
Is there any additonal operation to do in the ewelink app ?

Hi, do you mean there’s no LAN control option in the BasicR2 and TH16? or you’ve enable the LAN control on them but cannot control them in iHost?

can you help to submit the system logs for analyze?
please refer to this guide to submit the logs: https://appcms.coolkit.cn/ai-bridge/16537.html

I checked the log and all looks fine.
I found that i am able to interact with device by adding a scene and maybe i have misunderstood the capability of ihost.
I though it was possible to turn on/off the TH16 or BasicR2 directly by interact with associated icone.
For TH16 i thought is was possible to visualize the temperature/humidité in a cast but it seems that it is not the case.


The HA has support to local sdk:

This would allow voice command for Zigbee devices with local connection.

I tried here, but I can´t install without root. Here a video how to make the setup:

Last but not least, do you have plans to allow control of iHost devices from eWelink app ?
The eWelink app works for Google Assistant and Alexa, you can take advantage of LAN Control already implemented for Sonoff devices.

Why does eWeLink smart home tell me that Sonoff mini R4 is offline? The application eWeLink, as well as eWeLink web problems work with the same.

Can you help to submit system logs and eWeLink add-on logs?

f9493550-6d54-497a-bfe7-2e422c213f1c.zip (4.8 MB)

Can you submit the logs of the eWeLink add-on to help us further investigate the issue?


no access, you can just upload the logs via the Feedback button on iHost - Settings page

I changed the access permissions!

Can you control the device through the APP once and then check whether the device is back online on iHost?

When I started the device via the APP, it also became available on iHost (online), as if I had “awakened” it.

Unfortunately, after some time the device (Sonoff Mini R4) went offline again.

the ewelink smart home add-on has an update, please check on the add-on details page, try to update to see if problem resolved.

The eWelink smart home plugin was updated two or three days ago, which we hope you can see in the log files. The problem and unfortunately the problem still exists, the Sonoff Mini R4 is offline.

In the meantime, I tried to reinstall the eWeLink home plugin, but the problem was solved.

New update “2023-09-20 09:56:29” solved Mini R4 offline issue.

Thanks for the effort and help!

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