SNZB-02 not in subMenu's Bridge433

Ewelink 3.2.5 version
I have pairing the bridge with my wifi .
I want pairing my SNZB-02 with bridge, but in the list of bridge menu there isn’t the select .
There is only :
button ,alarm, tenda

How can pairing snzb-02 with bridge433 ?

Hello, hi,
you are sure it is SNZB-02?
because SNZB that mean it is SoNoff ZigBee so you need SonOff ZigBee gateway or some other like SmartThings by Samsung or Aeotec

Thks for reply.
I have
Sonoff bridgeR2 433Mhz
And SNZB-02

I am afraid you will not be able to make it work. These are 2 different protocols/technologies.

That’s right, if you whant to use Zigbee devices it is mandatory to have a Zigbee gateway in your network.