PRoblem with ZigBee Bridge Pro


My ZigBee Bridge does not work properly …

I installer id with ewelink app. I have been able to install devices such as SNZB-04, ZBMINI L, SNZB-03 …

And suddenly, I did not succeed in joining news devices with the app … I reboot the zigbee bridge and it was worst … I lost connection s to all other devices …

It is the second time I am sending you an email to have your help … Please answer me.

I am an “Advances user” . I bougth the licence for one year … I thougth that it will give me more possibilities … But I am not satisfied at this time …

Best regards

Hi there, “can’t add new devices”, you mean adding devices to the Zigbee bridge?


Exactly. Can’t add to the ZigBee Bridge Pro.

When I reach the number of 10 devices thru the zigbee bridge pro… the next one I want to add, my ZbMiniL device (wich was functionnal) is reinstalled and loses all the configuration. And after that, It’s not possible to add any new devices.

I tried, 4 times with diffrent way and it finish the same way each time.

ZB Bridge-P can connect 10 end devices with 1 router. Please connect more routers if you want to connect to more sub-devices.

I think this issue should be solved in the future firmware upgrades.

I have zigbee bridge AND zigbee bridge pro. I have 18 devices added in Zigbee Bridge but I can’t add more than 10 into pro. Isn’t this a little bit weird?

I purchased a new s26z to use as a router but its not very efficient. It works fine until there is a power loss. If you lose power for some reason (or unplug s26), it does not automatically initiate its router status and all zigbee devices become unstable (they go offline or does not react timely etc.). So after such an incident, you need to install your entire zigbee system from the start (re add devices etc.)

After trying this config many times, I ended up using regular zigbee bridge and zigbee bridge pro went back to the closet.

Zigbee bridge pro should really support more than 10 devices at a time without router. Just like older bridge does.

Hi in my home has 43 switches and 10
Ns-panel and the router is full
And can no Longer connect to the internet,I bought the Bridge-p to connect the switches butshe can’t find any switche, the Bridge-p not working with switche T0EU3C?

Hi there, would you please send the device ID of the switche T0EU3C via PM?