Nspanel Pro setting issue with an SNZB-02D temp sensor as a thermostat

I have an Nspanel Pro with an SNZB-02D temp sensor, it pairs fine and reports data. However it is not possible to include the sensor in a thermostat solution, it simply does not show up.
Do you know any issues when setting it up?

Same problem here. I suppose that NsPanel Pro doesn’t has support for snzb-02D as thermostat sensor, which is incredible for me. I cant’t understand that a new themperature sensor doesn’t be integrated with the nspanel pro…

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Hi, good evening. Thanks for this subject. I’m dealing with the same issue. Did you got any reply or workarounds? Which devices support the thermostat funcion?

Thanks a lot!

Hi andrerebucciptt,

Thanks for your feedback.

Have you tried updating your NSPanel Pro as well as the eWeLink app to the latest version? We should have fixed the issue in the previous version.


Hi Ward, thanks a lot for your fast answer, it works! Thank you so much.