SNZB-2P on NSPanel Pro

Can I use SNZB-2P as a thermostat on NSPanel Pro?

Namely, I upgraded my smart home with SNZB-2P by adding it to the existing NSPanel Pro.
However, when I try to define it in NSPanel Pro as a Thermostat, I get the message “No supported device”.
The software version is 1.9.0 on NSPanel Pro.

Note: When adding SNZB-2P to NSPanel Pro, it sees it as DeviceXXXXX, while when adding it to Bridge Pro, it sees it as SNZB-2P

I think it will take one or two firmware upgrade of the NSP to support new launched devices like SNZB-2P, @Daniel_Zhan is pushing the developing process too.

Sorry for the issue, we will fix it ASAP.

I will leave the context of the post a little, but why can’t I define the NSPanel thermostat with the help of SNZB-2P and mini 4 or mini l2, as in the picture?