NSPanel Pro Thermostat can't find device

I have setup my NSPanel Pro, and from there I can see my two ZB Mini-L connected via Zigbee

But when from the app I try to setup the Thermostat function, it finds my temperature sensor, but then when select my activation devices it doesn’t see any of my ZB MINI-L.

Any idea?


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I had the same issue and I sent an email to support team. This was the answer:

"Sorry that the ZBMINI-L UIID(7004)cannot use in NSPanel Pro as a Thermostat execution device.
We will submit your request to our technical department for evaluation. They will double-check if the function will add or not in the future."

It seems it was understood as a “new feature”, but actually documentation says that ZVMINI-L is supported as action device (doc)

I don’t understand at all

Let’s see if it’s fixed.

I’m using the latest version 2.0.0, according to the release note available here is supports both ZBMINI-L and ZBMINIL2 but I cannot configure them in the panel (I see no device available).
Any idea?

In addition to the ZB Mini L and L2, I can’t even use the Mini R4…I hope they will fix that mistake!

I rechecked again and now I’m able to see the ZBMINL2, I think it was related to some app update that was not performed previously.
It’s a pity to not be able to use also other switches as actuators, I hope sonoff will give a workaround!
Thanks d