NSPanel with thermostatic valve


I bought NSPanel, Hub and TRVZB. I wanna set temperature by thermostatic tab on NSPanel but I cannot do that.
I connected all devices to app but in NSPanel settings I haven’t got any widget.
NSPanel thermostatic also has settings for wich device should set but cannot see thermostatic valve here.

Have someone any tutorial or solution how to do that?

Is it NSpanel or the Pro version?

For NSPanel Original (with two buttons), go to the device settings in eWeLink app > widgets > add

For Pro version, go to the device page in eWeLink app > Theme > select and edit

It’s original version with two buttons.
I had only one device in widgets and it isn’t trvzb.
I use iOS.



Try to add new widget:

The TRVZB is not supported to be controlled by the NSPanel thermostat feature.
NSPanel Pro would be the better choice.

Are you sure that Pro version works with valves?

Yes, you can pair the TRVZB with NSPanel Pro as it is a built-in Zigbee coordinator.

Pro version works as a hub?
So when I got Pro version then I don’t need anymore hub?

Check out this link.

I’m disappointed by the lack of functionality in two button version, but tanks for all answers.

How is work on matter Hub going? Will nspanel pro be a stable matter hub product this year?

We are still working on the Matter device type compatibility development and the resolution of major issues that we met. The iHost matter hub feature will be kicked off to proceed soon as it is one of the essential features in 2024 roadmap.

Can we expect this in the next month or rather only in Q4? :thinking:

The announced major zigbee update in ihost is already in the testing phase ?

For the Zigbee compatibility enhancement, any joining iHost Zigbee devices will depend on the Zigbee devices cluster capabilities rather than a specific device type, which means, for example, there is a special temperature and humidity sensor device with a PIR feature, such a device fails to join the iHost Zigbee network in the existing firmware as iHost does not support such a device type (a specific device UI). We are working on a new approach to make it compatible with such a case, zigbee devices joining the iHost Zigbee network depend on the device cluster capabilities with a flexible UI instead of a specific device type.

@Daniel_Zhan I have one more question. Do you plan to introduce matter thread in the future?

So you market a wall thermostat, then a TRV, but they can’t work together… You guys are awesome :))

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