Control TRVZB from NSPanel

Hi I recently purchased two TRVZB devices from sonoff and i wanted to connect them to the thermostat widget in my NSPanel So when i change the temperature setting on there it reflects this on the TRVZB devices however when i go to set this up it seems to want to turn a specific relay on rather than allowing me to select the valves to open.

Im pretty new to all the sonoff stuff so please tell me if im stupid.

Unfortunately, you will be disappointed. With NSPanel, this is not possible. Probably because the firmware has not been updated for many months. The guys at eWeLink have clearly shelved NSPanel. It’s a shame, because there is a lot of potential in this device, as you can see by looking at the project from the Home Assistant group. @yitie Let’s hope they haven’t buried NSPanel and that they come back to the project with something firing and surprising users :sparkler:
If you want control of the TRVZB from the panel, go down the path of the mentioned project or get NSPanel Pro. Sorry, Winnetou :man_shrugging:

Hi Jam Thanks for the response its a shame because i love the NSPanel theyre so furturistic but never the less the world moves on i guess ill be purchasing an NSPanel Pro and putting these originals somewhere else in my house for now.

That’s what I did :sunglasses:

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