Nspanel pro for temperature control and ihost for valve control

I have an nspanel pro and an ihost. I want to use these to control temperatures in multiple rooms. In each room i have sonoff zigbee thermostat and to control heating valves i have sonoff wifi switches.

I want to make the system run without internet connection. I wonder how much is possible.

I know that with ihost, i can control the wifi switches locally.

With nspanel pro or with ihost, i know that i ran read the room temperatures locally zigbee thermostats.

As far as i understand nspanel pro needs internet for scenes.

can ihost receive the target room temperature setting from nspanel pro locally?. So that the user can change the target temperature for a room from the physical panel, and ihost compares it to actual room temperature. Thereafter ihost will activate or deactivate wifi switches to control heating valves

If there is any other way, i am open to that such as buying zigbee bridge etc. My biggest requirement is to be able to set target temperatures with physical panels.


The setup should work fine if you’re using Zigbee devices, as both NSPanel Pro and iHost act as a local Zigbee gateway.

But please NOTE, that not all wi-fi devices support LAN control, and from my testing, NSPanel can not control Wi-Fi devices synced from the Cloud.

But it worked for devices from iHost’s Matter Bridge (added by eWeLink Smart Home add-on).

The switches to control heating valves are wifi