Ns panell pro , thermostat issue to set target temp

I have ns panell pro and using as thermostat in home. 3 Temp sensor - SNZB-02
Action device - TH Elite with temp sensor as well

3 thermostat created with the same action device.

Problem is when I try to change target temp to lower. Popup:
Is in polish but it means :

Current type of device is %s.
Can not make a target temperature

Please help
After this popup thermostat on ns panel pro not working anymore. Not turn off action device.

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Same for me.

I had Nspanel and tha thermostat (auto) mode was working good with an SNZB-02.
I moved to NS panel pro and is really unriliable. Many times the heat icon goes off but does not off the action device. also wiht any change on settings the schedules reset to (everyday). I suposse you have to fix these bugs

I’m finding that this products are so full of bugs, I thought I could use them as advertised but they simply don’t work reliably nor how one would expct. The TR temperature controllers can’t be adjusted from the Cast devices! what the hell. I’m ripping all this crap out and donating it. Moving over to Yolink which I’ve tested and it works wonderfully well. Bye!