NSPanel Pro v3.0 issue

After updating to V 3.0 the NSPanel in eWelink freezes.

Still no solution and I can’t use eWelink until this has been solved

Would you please make a feedback via the NSPanel Pro? which will upload the logs for the dev team to investigate, thanks.

I also noticed this problem. Something strange is happening with Zigbee after the latest NSPanel Pro update. There have been two occasions where the Zigbee radio unexpectedly stopped working completely. At least that’s what it looked like, because in reality it could have been a problem with the coordinator. It is difficult to find out, because NSPanel Pro does not offer any tools to check. There is not even a map or indication of the channel number. This resulted in all bound devices from NSPanel being offline or some of them (like TRVZB) reporting incorrectly. Perhaps this is a problem with the Zigbee Boost option (pilot feature), as deactivating it makes the problem less frequent.
Prior to the update, the problems described here by @brianjene and myself were not present.
There is an immediate improvement when NSPanel Pro is momentarily powered off/on. A reboot, however, does not help.

done, sent from nspanel pro

Still no feed back! eWelink doesn’t work with NSPanel after V3.0

Don’t worry. It’s normal.

I updated nspanel pro to version 3.0.1 but there is still a problem with zigbee devices. the error has not been fixed. the snzb-02D sensor is often offline

I have updated to 3.0.1 too. Still all except one zigbee devices disconnects over night. Have done NSPanel Pro reset, all zigbee devices reset, re-paired and again not connected in the morning.Except one. What is wrong with zigbee in NSPanel Pro!?