NSPanel Pro v3.0 issue

After updating to V 3.0 the NSPanel in eWelink freezes.

Still no solution and I can’t use eWelink until this has been solved

Would you please make a feedback via the NSPanel Pro? which will upload the logs for the dev team to investigate, thanks.

I also noticed this problem. Something strange is happening with Zigbee after the latest NSPanel Pro update. There have been two occasions where the Zigbee radio unexpectedly stopped working completely. At least that’s what it looked like, because in reality it could have been a problem with the coordinator. It is difficult to find out, because NSPanel Pro does not offer any tools to check. There is not even a map or indication of the channel number. This resulted in all bound devices from NSPanel being offline or some of them (like TRVZB) reporting incorrectly. Perhaps this is a problem with the Zigbee Boost option (pilot feature), as deactivating it makes the problem less frequent.
Prior to the update, the problems described here by @brianjene and myself were not present.
There is an immediate improvement when NSPanel Pro is momentarily powered off/on. A reboot, however, does not help.

done, sent from nspanel pro

Still no feed back! eWelink doesn’t work with NSPanel after V3.0

Don’t worry. It’s normal.

I updated nspanel pro to version 3.0.1 but there is still a problem with zigbee devices. the error has not been fixed. the snzb-02D sensor is often offline

I have updated to 3.0.1 too. Still all except one zigbee devices disconnects over night. Have done NSPanel Pro reset, all zigbee devices reset, re-paired and again not connected in the morning.Except one. What is wrong with zigbee in NSPanel Pro!?

Ns Panel is unusable right now. I have sent few feedbacks couple of weeks ago and no fix yet.

  1. Zigbee devices randomly disconnects and won’t reconnect (mostly TRVS and humidity sensors from Sonoff)
  2. NS Panel keeps pushing firmware update to one Trv which probably disconnected along the way, so Trv is stucked at firmware update and pulling the batteries from it does not resolve the issue.
  3. Inspecting Notifications on NS Panel results in infinite loading screen without any possibility to interact with the device.
  4. Changing type of Notification from NS panel on motion sensors (floating, no notification etc.) results in all automation crash.

Please just admit 3.0 was not even half baked and give us chance to revert back.

I have not noticed similar problems. Zigbee works flawlessly. I don’t think this is a fault with NSPanel Pro.
Unfortunately, eWeLink does not provide any tool for basic diagnostics. LQI or RSSI parameters are not known. There is also no network map. In this situation, it will be difficult to determine the cause in your location. Perhaps NSPanel Pro logs contain such information, but the reports are sent to eWeLink directly from the device. It is not known how to capture them and whether they are in a format to extract the necessary parameters.

Version 3.0.1 managed to eradicate this error. Go for it if you can.
As is typical with eWeLink, they fixed this and that but surely broke something in the process. So far, I have yet to discover what has been broken :slight_smile:

I have done reset for NSPanel and zigbee devices again. Re-paired one by one, few hours between every device pairing. For now all of them work, sounds strange, but that is it.

I decided doing the same. Rebooted the device to factory settings. Strange thing was that the Panel did not offered me an update to 3.0.1 before Reboot even when restarted. After reboot, it went to 3.0.1 automatically.
Repeating all devices and setting up all automation took me half a day so hope this will be more stable then 3.0.0

Anyone else has this problem? After updating NSPanel to 3.0 and then 3.01 I cant use NSPanel pro in eWelink. EWlink freeze when i open NSPanel Pro with this screen and a forced close is needed.

No. Have you tried updating the app and erasing app cash & data?

After 24 h, 3 devices disconnected (2 sonoff temperatures and 1 sonoff trv).

I thought it might be because of Aqara H1 switches I have at home, that also work as zigbee repeaters. Since I did not have this issue on 2.X Nspanel firmware, I thought there might have been some firmware update for those switches related to Matter launch. So I bought an Aqara hub today just to check that and all switches have most current one. That way, the problem must be in NSPanel itself.

It is not necessarily so. You are drawing hasty conclusions.

It worked for more than a 4 months and there has not been any changes to my environment except that firmware update after which all problems started occuring. So no I am not drawing fast conclusion. Just pointing out the fact.