NSPanel pro zigbee problem

Hello, I have an nspanel pro and zb01 switch which is three meters away and keeps losing connection. is it possible to change the channel on the panel to someone over 15 so that there is no confusion with wifi networks.


I reported many problems (even the losing connection issues), but still no answer:

Highly suggest you guys rise a ticket via Support - SONOFF Official, and the customer service team from SONOFF will take the issue to hardware team to check.
Before that please updated all the devices to the latest firmware.

Your suggestion doesn’t work.

I reported everything on ticket #499346 on the 21st NOVEMBER/2022.

I’m supposing this device didn’t sell well, so they don’t care about fixing it, because the number of customers is very small.

Every feedback is treasure for us, i have forward this topic to SONOFF team for further checking, they will back to you ASAP, thanks for let me konw.