Ns panel pro devices disconnects on 3.0

After updating NS Panel pro to firmware 3.0 my devices gets randomly disconnected and do not recconect even after restart.

I have 22 connected devices, even assigned static IP to NS Panel just to be sure and mostly Sonoff temperature sensors and Sonoff Trv disconnects. And it is not an issue with the range. One sensor that disconnects sits just 1 m from the panel. Did not have this issue on previous firmware.

Are you experiencing the same issue? Is there a way to revert back to previous firmware?

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Yes, we do. At first, I thought it was a coincidence. However, something is indeed wrong with Zigbee after the latest update.

Hey @Miroslav @jam3 ,

Please submit a feedback in the NSPanel Pro’s setting/about page when available, and provide your device ID so we can take a prior look at this issue.

A general time stamp when they went offline would also be appreciated.

Thx in advance

After resetting and re-pairing the Zigbee devices, the problem disappeared. This is similar to a past situation with iHost, also after an update.
Poor testing took place in eWeLink. Again.

I have sent the feed back from NS Panel, but don’t know the time stamp of disconnection. Probably within past 24h. The removal and repairing of the disconnected devices does not work in long term. They always disconnect after day or two.

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In my case, this method worked. I believe that you did reset devices, didn’t you?

I removed them from the ewelink app and re-add them. So I should just reset the individual devices?

Normally this should be sufficient. Deleting the device in the app theoretically removes binding when the connection is working. When not working, various states are possible during reconfiguration. You use this feature if your device is not functioning correctly. This is a fairly complex process. In short, if possible, it is better to do a full reset.

Same problem here. The device doesn´t stop to reply to network (Ping is OK) but loses contact with Ewelink Cloud services.