Only NSPanel and ZBbridge This Works?

Hallo Forum.
I am new in this Forum and my first Question.

Is ist possible to monitor Tem/Humid Sensors, that are paired to ZBbridge, on the NSPanel pro.
Or do I need a IHost?

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No need. Pretty sure the NS Panel Pro has built in Zigbee. The NS Panel non-pro had built in temperature but its accuracy was poor.


Thank you for your reply.

I think I should give more details.

I have seven temperature humidity sensors in the basement, which are paired with the Zigbee Bridge via Zigbee.

Upstairs I have four other sensors that are paired with the NS panel via Zigbee.

All sensors are displayed in the Ewelink app.

Unfortunately, I can’t put the sensors of the basement on a devicesite of the NSPanel

Thank you.


On NSPanel Pro, slide your fingers from the top of the screen to the bottom, then a Menu will appear.

Click on “Add device”.

But in 8 months using this device, I always have problem with the temp/humid sensors SNZB-02 becoming offline on NSPanel Pro.

The temp/humid stuck on the same level and you need to pair it again, almost every month.

I added many others BASICZBR3 to try to increase the zibgee signal strengh, as they are supossed to work as a signal extender, but I’m pretty sure they don’t work as announced…

Cause off the Signal strength I paired the Sensors from the ground-floor to the bridge. To bring them upstairs via Network.

The NSPanel pro is upstairs