NSPanel sensors

If you set NSPanel to show the temperature from an external sensor, the internal sensor readings are no longer available. The internal sensors cannot be used in any way although the ability to switch between them (on demand or sequentially) seems an obvious idea. Nor is it possible to use the internal sensor as a data source for another device. Why is this and who came up with such a absurd idea?

Not a bother to me, i only use the screen to display my external sensor, the internal one is far from accurate due to it will be heated by the delay itself.

May SONOFF team haven’t think twice when they launched the NSPanel project, obviously they learned their lessons and bring a OFFSET feature and in the NSPanel Pro project.

I would, however, need it.

I agree on every word.
Setting the offset is a software function and nothing prevents it from being added.
Sonoff has taken the issue of built-in sensors to heart so much that it has removed them from NSPanel Pro altogether. Interestingly, some space is provided on the board for a sensor. In theory, such a sensor could be soldered on :tipping_hand_man: