NS Panel : Many suggestions

Bought NSPanel (not Pro) but dissapointed. Many things have to be done:

  1. Use hardware button(s) to on/off thermostat (useful for older people).

  2. Thermostat schedule ON/OFF is missing , as a workaround i will use a low temperature (instead of OFF)

  3. External temperature is only via web source , i would like to use my own (balcony) temperature/humidity sensor.

4)Thermostat cannot be inserted in scenes , eg… when sunset → Thermostat ON ,
or another example: when Button pressed → Thermostat state change.

  1. With the current firmware if i use the thermostat screen as default , i see only the set temperature, i would like to see also the current temperature.

Also a model with dry contacts instead of mains contacts would be useful.

Thank you , and i hope you find my suggestions useful.

Thanks for your suggestion, have forward to SONOFF team for evaluation.