NS Panel thermostat on/off exposed in SCENES

I would like to suggest exposing the thermostat on / off setting to be able to trigger SCENES, also to be able to action the setting via SCENES.

This way you could turn on / off mutiple NS Panel thermostat all together based on a 'master" device or touch to execute SCENE.

The other issue it will resolve is that is you are controlling somehting with the NS Panel and the controlled output is ON, when you disable the thermostat to turn things off, that output remains ON, while in some cases it would be needed to turn a heat or cooling controled device off, when you turn the thermostat off. This suggested idea could take care of that with a SCENE, turning off all controlled devices when you turn the thermostat off.


Would also like this so it would be possible to set the heating mode on a 1 hour boost like most other conventional thermostats can do,

For a smart thermostat they are fairly dumb