NSPanel - control iFan4 fan speeds

I don’t understand why the thermostat on the nspanel can conrol misc switches - but does not see the fan controllers I have in my house… most of the reason I got it - was to control my ceiling fan - which it for some reason doesnt even see…

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I would agree with this, we have ceiling fans in all the rooms and would like these activated by widget screen


are you saying that just the thermostat section of the NSPanel won’t control the iFAN04 or the NSPanel is not compatible with the ifan04 at all?

well - the thermostat section - I mean thats a very basic feature I would think would work.

the other frustration i have since discovered is the temperature resolution on the NS-Panel - it only works in 1 degree celsius increments - making it difficult to set fine control using normal scenes based on its temp input - without it flip-flopping between on and off (unless I leave a 1degree dead spot in the temp - which doesnt seem reasonable at the cost o the panel - knowing how cheap temp sensors are that have much finer resolution)

I am happy enough with most of my sonoff products - but the NS panel is in my view a total waste… especially given the lack of updates etc. Even in its current state -I believe it has a lot more potential - but it feels like Sonoff have no interest in this device.

Ok cool thanks, I just need it to turn the fan on and off, right now I’m using switches I bought on Amazon and they aren’t lasting a year I’ve replaced 3 of the six i bought and another is going bad, so I ordered a iFAN04 and I have a nspanal that I was going to install.


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The best control I have over that at the moment is in my lounge - with a temp and humidity sensor, and a motion sensor. But thats not without its issues - the motion sensor seems to eat batteries, which makes it borderline pointless unless you are willing to McGuyver another sort of power solution to the thing (which is something I am testing in my kitchen).

I’ve also created a ticket asking why I can’t use something light light state on the ifan as a part of the trigger section in a scene - as a rudimentary presence detection… if fan light on, and temp >x set fan to y… (but currently if you select a fan element as a trigger, then you are unable to select that same fan as an action output… which seems needlessly limiting)

I had the same questions about the temp/Humidity sensors if you set them a a trigger then you couldn’t use them as the action. The ticket i submitted to support said that it will be changed on a future update, so hopefully this will be too.

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