iFAN04 support in NSPANEL

Will there ever be support for the iFAN04 on the NSPanel or the NSPanel pro, even if its in the widgets would be fine I would just like to be able to turn the fan on and off with the NSPanel.

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I asked for this too - but just a heads up, even if they do add it, the temperature reading from the NSPanel is terrible…

I set a scene to turn off 1 degree lower than my “turn fan on” temperature in a scene, and the things resolution is so useless that even with that big of a gap my fan was in a loop turning on and off since the temperature it read was fluctuating that much…

I’d like to cue @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF team to evaluation this request.

Hay yitie;
I finally got a reply back from support, I guess they are really busy, was told that they will look into supporting iFAN04 in the NSPanel, so here I wait.

For me I just want to be able to turn the fan on and off and set the speed, the thermostat section will run my fireplace burner and fan and that is working fine, I am ok with the big temp swing, I just want to be able to turn my ceiling fan on and off with it.

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I have the iFan on my NS Panel Pro under devices? Gives me On/Off and 3 fan speed options.

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So then if the NSPanel pro supports the iFAN04, i guess I can work with that, eventhough I was going to use the 2 physical buttons for my lights. I ordered a pro and am waiting for it to get delivered.

Thanks for letting us know that it works for you

the nspanel and nspanel pro are not the same devices…
the NS-Panel in my mind was a complete rip off - which it looks like they abandoned… :frowning:

It’s not actually. It’s an LCD 2 channel light switch, humidity and temperature guage.

In fact it’s a 10 light switch in 1. 8 widgets. It’s looks sweet and the part … So no, don’t think it’s overpriced or abandoned?!..not to my knowledge.

Now the Pro is one pricey device, but also, packed with features. And it is a ZigBee hub.

Well, i finally got my NSPanel pro delivered and setup,
just wish I could get it to display in °F instead of °C but hay thats just me!

Just don’t know if it will work for what I want it for really wish it would though.

It will be a miracle if @Daniel_Zhan replies to anything on here, does he/she really exist?

The resolution in the temp gauge is so coarse - that its not useful to control anything in the room…

I cannot use the thermostat function to control a iFan in the same room…

I have not seen updates for this thing in ages…

I would honestly much rather have bought a touch switch, temp and humidity sensor, zigbee button, and even a motion sensor and still had change leftover - and had a much more workable solution…

I stand by my comment that in its current state, its overpriced - and its lack of update to usable features, makes it feel abandoned.

I will gladly apologise and eat humble pie if I am wrong… but this is the 1 device I wish I had not bought.

I got my nspanel pro installed and it works good, yes I will have to agree with you on the price point it is a bit high, would like to see it about $15-20. Cheeper then I paid.

Even though it does everything I need it to do, I wish they would get it to show up the temperature in .f instead of .c for us here in the USA, tech support tells me that it is based on location but I don’t think that’s the case, because if it was then the temperature would me .f not .c

this post was about the NS-Panel - not the NS-Panel Pro :slight_smile:

Hay thomas5
I know what this post is about, I was the one that started it!

I was agreeing with you to a point. But that neither here nor there.

My point is Just put the nspanel pro software on the nspanel and I thank that might be a decent device!

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ah - I understand… and yeah - that makes sense :slight_smile:

it seems the ns-panel was a flash in the pan - with little current interest… and based on that experience - I am not overly keen to buy other expensive switches…

especially when the response to poor functionality is usually to buy more accessories anyway


I know what you are saying, I paid $25.00 a piece for my fan switches I have and they started to die after a year.
I thank I would gladly buy a few of the nspanel’s if they had the software of the pro with the physical switches, I like that combo and sent that to sonoff for review, but who knows what will happen.
They even left the temperature sensor off the pro version so you have to buy an temperature sensor for the thermostat to work, why? Would they even thank that would be a decent idea.

iFan product support is on the to-do list for the following NSPanel update, including the Temp decimal setting of the thermostat feature.
We are working on such a development so please wait until the update is released.