NSPanel Pro - pair Hue Bridge via Matter

I have NSPanel Pro and two Philips hue Bridges. With Hue extension I can add only one. I thought I could add both of them using Matter (it works fine for both bridges and Home Assistant). But when I try to add them in eWelink app, they can’t be found. Is this supported yet or is there any limitation when it comes to Matter support?

Philips hue bridge acts as Hub Matter, just like NSPANEL PRO. so you can’t connect them together. You can add matter and bridge matter devices to Hub Matter (e.g. ihost bridge matter)

I’m confused with that answer, you said Hue Bridge is Matter Hub (that’s correct), same as NSPanel, but I need another Matter Hub (iHost) to connect them together? So is it different kind of Hub?
I thought the idea behind Matter is to connect devices between platforms. I understand how Matter Hubs like Hue Bridge or Aqara M2 works, they act as gateway and expose non-matter (in this case zigbee) devices with Matter API. For NSPanel, from what I read, it works for native matter end devices (like switches etc.) and allows them to connect. But Matter Hub actually represents a collection of matter devices, so I think this is a matter (non pun intended) of implementation. I can connect Hue Bridge as Matter Hub to Home Assistant or Nest Hub and it works fine and expose all the devices. And they also act as Matter Hubs. So it could be possible for NSPanel Pro too.

Do this test.

  1. Add Philips Hue Bridge as a Matter device to Google Home.
  2. Once added, enter the Philips Hue Bridge into pairing mode in the Google Home application.
  3. On another device, run the eWeLink application and enable adding devices mode. Scan the QR code.
    4)You should see an image like this.

Remember that all devices must be on the same WiFi network

It works! Actually, I’ve done it by sharing Matter hub from Home Assistant, not Google Home, but it worked as you described. Previously I was trying to use Matter code from Hue app, but your post reminded me that once a Matter device is connected to Matter hub, you can’t use the same code to pair it to another hub, just need to generate a new code from the hub where it has been initially paired. Thank you!

Well, that was the good news. The bad news is that it’s not possible to add Matter devices to NSPanel Pro UI :frowning:

in the ewelink application on the home page in the room (everything). Do you see the devices added by Philips Hue? are they available?