Philips Hue Bridge via Matter

Im trying to connect the Sonoff NSPanel Pro to Philips Hue Bridge using Matter.

NSPanel found the Philips Hue bridge (Matter enabled), I put the Matter code and appears in EWeLink but the devices managed are 0 (I have connected to Philips Hue Bridge via Zigbee a few bulb lights).

Someone else have done this ?

Note: Alexa works fine, I connected Alexa via Matter to the Philips Hue Bridge (Matter enabled) and discover all bulb lights fine.

try to share from alexa to ewelink

To follow the thread. I shared from Alexa and also appears 0 devices, when from Alexa I can see the devices via Matter.


Could you please tell us what kind of lights are under Hub Bridge?


Also I added to Home Assistant without any issues.

That looks like a monochrome light. I don’t think it is supported by NSPanel Pro now.

It now can see color lights/temperature lights/OnOff light switches

OnOff lights and dimmable lights (mono color ones) are not supported from my experience

Interesting, I was thinking the idea of Matter is to use the protocol and doesn’t matter the device.

Do you know where I can see the supported bulbs lights via Matter ?


It should be theoretically.

But vendors as well as platforms are still aligning up with each other, in the meanwhile the spec is completing slowly. Different Matter bridges handle devices differently. For instance Hue would convert a plug to on/off light :rofl:

For eWeLink these work well from my experience: