NSPanel Pro + Plan + Hue

Hi, I bought a NSPanel Pro, and an advanced subscription, all I want is to control a few of my HUE bulbs via my HUE bridge.

Link the accounts only a selection of the HUE bulbs from the bridge are found, and none of these are available to add as a smart device to the NSPanel Pro

Tried with IFTTT via a scene and webhooks, works in eweLink but scene not available in NSPanel Pro

Please, how to just control a few basic bulbs via HUE bridge (or alexa) from this NSPanel Pro???

Hi there,

Currently, Philips Hue devices are not supported to sync to the NSPanel Pro. However, you can directly pair the Zigbee Philips Hue devices using the NSPanel Pro as the Zigbee gateway.

Will this not take them off of the HUE bridge? Why would anyone want to do that?

I understand your concern. When adding Zigbee Philips Hue devices using the NSPanel Pro as a gateway, users can still control the devices even when they are offline. This provides flexibility and convenience.

But it is nowhere near as functional or integrated as what the HUE systems currently offers, so is a massive step back, not even worth considering.

This seems only useful when your entire install is of sonoff devices, which is very narrow minded of a supplier in this day to think is acceptable.

I bought it as the advert says it works with HUE, this is very misleading as it doesn’t, it works with some HUE bulbs which are broken away from the HUE ecosystem, not with HUE.

Real shame.

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There’s definitely over advertising of SONOFF NSPanel Pro, i appreciate the intention and effort that the eWeLink team and SONOFF team that try to integrate with HUE, but far way to be called works with Hue.