Zigbee + NSPanel Pro Connection?

Hello, I’m sorry for my English

I want to ask can I controll with my sonoff ns panel pro this zigbee led controller ?

If it is a standard Zigbee 3.0 device, NSPanel Pro should support it, especially for general device types like Lights.

Such devices generally would have a Zigbee certified Logo on the wrapping box or printed on the product.


I saw the product spec page saying it supports any Zigbee 3.0 gateways

But if you don’t want to risk it or can not return it, just wait for anyone else to verify if it works.

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Thank you, I have buy it I search it on nspanel pro but don’t find, and no app find it.

I think I need a gateway, I must connect with gateway and this I must connect with the nspanel ?

The NS Panel Pro is a gateway for Zigbee. The NS Panel (not Pro) is not. If you are sure you are looking at the Pro version then it is already a Zigbee hub itself and you do not need to buy a hub. If you are looking at the NS Panel (not Pro) then you also need a hub.

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The NS Panel pro on the top of the Photo is a Zigbee Hub.
Sonoff/eWeLink do not themselves have Zigbee LED. Theirs are all wifi. My experience with Zigbee LED is that they work on the iHost but not on the Zigbee Bridge Pro. Never tried on an NS Panel Pro, but it is nearer to an iHost that to a bridge, so my guess is that it will work. The strips I have on the iHost appear as bulbs. I don’t think it knows the difference between bulbs and LED so I would not be too surprised if you get the wrong icon. You can still set brightness and colour etc. Maybe I am missing a feature but I have never seen it. I would open the package carefully and keep the box in case it doesn’t work.