Sync/pair hue lights in NSPanel Pro

I’ve got two NSPanel Pro updated to V1.3.0. How do I sync/pair my hue lights with them?

@Daniel_Zhan we should post a tutorial for this :grinning:

Please enter the paring mode for Zigbee HUE lights, then click the “Add Device” in NSPanel Pro, you are able to control the Philips Hue Bulbs once the pairing is completed.

Or you can check the product detail page “Update” tab of our test.

Hi, I´ve thought they got added in the device configuration in eWeLink app.

I deleted the light from Hue app and added using the Add Device option in NSPanel Pro. The Panel found and pair the light, but I was unable to turn off or turn on the light neither on NSPanel Pro or eWeLink app.

The light first appear online, but the switch in the light badge in eWeLink app doesn’t work, and return timeout error every time. The same happens in the NSPanel Pro, the light can’t be controlled, returning fail error.

After some time the light appears as offline. Never went online.

I’ve tried two models of hue lights LCT016 and LCT001. Neither worked.

Pairing the lights with zigbee removes the control with the hue app. It would be nice if you add the option to sync via linking hue account, the same as eWeLink app. So everyone can choose the best option for their use case scenario.