Hue bulbs and eWeLink support

So I notice eWeLink only support like 20% of my Philips Hue bulbs due to them being different models. But Google Home and Alexa does support all my bulbs…

Is there a way of «tricking» eWeLink to support them by linking Hue->Alexa->eWeLink, or Hue->Google->eWeLink?

I dont know if its possible to run it through several apps? At least I cant get it working.

Ultimately I want to control them through my NSpanel Pro, so I guess Im stuck with eWeLink

Using Matter feature should link some of them to eWeLink except single color light/hue plug;

All Hue Bridges and most of their products support Matter

I never got it working, because the Matter pairing code I get from the Philips Hue -app is not accepted in the eWeLink -app, see screenshot.

Please use the format like


instead of


iOS app v5.8, coming later this month, will support Matter setup codes in formats like the latter.

I think maybe Im misunderstanding how it works. I thought the Philips Hue hub was considered a Matter hub, but I guess Im missing some hardware. Do I have to purchase a Matter hub?

My goal is to control my hue bulbs with my NSpanel pro.

It is called Philips Hue Bridge, and it acts as a Matter Bridge/Zigbee Gateway.

NSPanel Pro is a Matter Hub