Coming Soon: eWeLink Matter Support

Do you have such a dilemma where, when installing smart gadgets from multiple ecosystems in our homes, it’s so hard to integrate them into one single platform? There are ecosystem barriers. The Matter standard is created as a result of erasing the ecosystem obstacles. In the upcoming update, Matter support will be available in the eWeLink App.

What is Matter

Matter is a new universal standard that erases the barriers to control devices of various ecosystems. Suppose you have HomeKit-compatible devices but you only set up Amazon Echo. How to control these Apple HomeKit devices in Alexa? With the introduction of Matter, the universal standard allows devices from different brands to directly communicate with each other.

How does eWeLink Matter Support Work

With the new architecture, eWeLink Matter Support allows you to pair, control, and manage Matter devices from any brands in the eWeLink App. You can even create scenes with these devices. To have such flexibility and interoperability, eWeLink-supported Matter hub is required. What is it exactly? The Matter Hub is essentially a central device that connects, communicates with, and controls all your Matter-compatible devices. It’s designed to “speak” the Matter language, allowing it to interface with any devices that are Matter-certified. When you add any Matter-enabled device to eWeLink, it joins the same network as your Matter Hub, which lets you control them wherever you’re, faster and safer. When you want to switch on a Matter device, the eWeLink App receives your command via the Matter hub, and the Matter hub simply asks the device to turn on immediately over the WiFi.

What Device Functions as a Matter Hub in eWeLink (Public Beta)

NSPanel Pro is a versatile smart home control panel. It’s not only a Zigbee hub, but also a Matter Hub (Public Beta). To start your smart home experience with Matter in eWeLink, please make sure you’ve added a Matter Hub like NSPanel Pro to your eWeLink App first.

eWeLink Matter support is coming this month. If you want to control all of your Matter-enabled devices in the eWeLink App, please add a Matter hub to the eWeLink App first. With Matter hub, even from different brands, these Matter devices can be added to eWeLink App and then communicate without any barriers. Stay tuned for the coming major update!

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@PeterGoGo : Do you know what other Matter hubs are planned (other than the NSPanel Pro)? Is there a chance that the ZB Bridge-Pro could be converted into a Matter hub via firmware update in the future?

As far as I know, iHost will also function as a Matter hub in the near future. But this will probably not happen to ZB Bridge-Pro.

Thanks @PeterGoGo

But through iHost I will then again have the challenge that I won’t be able to control the devices remotely through the app. Or is a sync feature planned?

We’ve received feedback like supporting the remote control. Our team is looking into it and is considering this possibility. We’ll let you know if there is any update. Thank you for the feedback.

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Hub or Bridge? Or both together? I think I read elsewhere Bridge.
I was thinking of adding a SkyConnect USB dongle to my Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry Pi 4B (the blue one that does both matter and Zigbee). In terms of 3rd party matter integrations will it work with my iHost? I already have a Sonoff Dongle Plus P and it would be just for Matter I would be adding it.
Thanks, Eerke

If we consider Matter as an “intermediate layer” between the Allocation layer (HomeKit, Google Home, eWeLink…) and the Transport/Network layer (why WiFi, Thread), which is defined by unique protocols that enable devices from different manufacturers and protocols to communicate with each other, and NS Panel Pro as a Matter Hub, why then, when pairing the MiniR4M switches, do we connect directly to WiFi (that’s the only option that the eWeLink application offered me, I didn’t have other options such as connecting to the NS Panel Pro) and not to the NS Panel, as Matter hub?!?

Does this mean that it works like a regular Mini 4 WiFi switch and does not use the Matter protocol?!?

Also, I haven’t seen any instructions how to connect the MiniR4M to the NS Panel Pro like the Matter hub!

The situation is a bit different for adding MINIR4M to eWeLink.
First of all, let’s clarify one thing: MINIR4M is a Matter device and meanwhile an eWeLink ecosystem device.
When you add any eWeLink-supported devices like Basic series, you don’t require a hub, right? Same to MINIR4M. It does not require a hub.
Your question is when adding any Matter device to any platform, a Matter hub is required, but why MINIR4M does not. Actually, when you add MINIR4M to Apple, Google, etc, a Matter hub is required. But as an eWeLink-supported device, MINIR4M can directly communicate with eWeLink.

iHost can function both as a Matter Bridge and a Matter Hub. However the ability to serve as a Matter hub is not available right now. Will be available early next year.

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That is good to hear. Which devices can it Bridge currently? From memory it was some basic things such as switches, but the last I read was from months ago.
Thanks, Eerke

Is the approximate launch date of Matter Hub known? Is there still a long way to go before this feature is introduced?

This feature was already supported when eWeLink app 5.0 was released. To use this feature, you need to have a NSPanel Pro as a Matter Hub to control all the Matter devices in your home

Hello. I have added matter devices to nspanel pro. But Google Home and Smartthings do not recognize nspanel pro as Hub. I added Ihost to Google Home but the devices are offline and cannot be controlled. There is a message that I do not have a Matter hub.

When you add MINIR4M to the ewelink application, a button (enable pairing mode) will appear at the very bottom of the device settings. After enabling this feature, copy the pairing code. search for a new device in the ewelink application. after entering the pairing code. minir4m will connect to the npanel pro matter hub.

Hi PeterGoGo, i have MINIR4M’s in my home and many matter bulbs behind them. I would like to use the Detach Relay feature but therefore the bulbs must be in the EWLink app. Will you support soon native matter? I have an Apple TV as my Matter hub and the bulbs and lights are from many different brands. Was buying the MINIR4M’s exactly because they support matter and have the detach relay feature which would be perfect for smart bulbs / lights. What would I need to use it? A NS Panel Pro? Or will you support later other matter hubs?

Great news! I’m assuming Matter Hub = Matter Controller, right?

Any spoilers of which device types are going to be compatible at launch? Or which Matter version are you guys targeting?

Matter in Alexa launched with terrible device support only to be partially expanded after months. Would love to see a different scenario with eWelink

Just be careful as Matter can travel over multiple different technologies. There is the standard wifi and the “thread” used by weave, HomeKit etc. before now. I have a feeling some people will buy “matter” devices thinking it will strengthen their Thread Network or have the improved battery life of Thread but really just be wifi.

Hi Eerke

Nope, all good. I’m aware of the difference between Matter and Thread .-) I chose specially the MINIR4M because it’s matter. I would to be honest, prefer it when it would not be WIFI but Thread. But for the moment, I haven’t found any relay that support Thread. All existing products on the market are for the moment WIFI only. But at least Matter is now supported. I just have still the problem with the Detach Relay feature which is not usable on Matter and I can’t import Matter lights to EweLink. I asked SONOFF for a new feature. I would like to have a complete detached relay. Means an always on relay that just change the status when pushing the switch or the button in the app to turn it on/off. This would make it perfect to use it together with SmartLighs in any Matter enabled ecosystem.

Samsung smartthink not work with sonoff ihost matter hub. Why?