Apple TV as Matter Hub in eWeLink

Hi, does somebody knows how to add the Apple TV to the eWeLink App as a Matter Hub? eWeLink need a matter hub to be able to add Matter devices. Does not like to buy their NSPanel since I already have Apple TV’s

we are waiting this update to come to ihost to be able to run as matter hub , third party hubs not supported at ewelink or any other companies as i know

That’s not how Matter works, at least now.

Apple TV/HomePod is a Matter Controller exclusive to Apple Home, it controls other Matter devices.

Similarly, Sonoff NSPanel is a Matter Controller exclusive to eWeLink.

how is the work on matter hub in nspanel pro going? is there any light at the end of the tunnel that this feature will work stably this year?

you can pair any matter device to nspanel pro hub , you can also pair the ihost bridge to nspanel pro hub

  • Lights (Color Light, Warm/White Light, on/off Light Switch)
  • On/Off Plug-in
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Contact Sensor
  • Matter Bridge (with the above devices type attached)

Please tell me…can I pair the ihost bridge to Ewelink Cast hub on my tablet?

Yes, you can; But remember to lock your CAST app to keep it running in the foreground