NSPanel Pro Matter Hub Issue

Hello. Do you use nspanel pro as Hub Matter?
What are your opinions.
I have added matter devices to Nspanel pro (v. 2.4).
( 2pcs - Meross MSS315 and 2pcs - MINIR4M).
My nspanel pro restarts itself several times a day or freezes completely and I have to unplug the power to restart it. Do you also have such problems? I wrote to support, but they don’t respond.

Is no one using nspanel pro as Hub Matter?


I have one on my desk using it with iHost’s Matter bridge, no big issue so far.

Can you message me your ticket number?

feedback 202037

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Our colleague from customer service department have raise the ticket to develop team for further investigation, let me follow up how’s going.

There is also a problem with doubling devices. Problem reported (id:200390). When adding Matter Bridge ihost to npanel pro the devices were mirrored. They cannot be deleted from the eWeLink application. You can remove unavailable, duplicate matter bridge devices from ewelink cloud.

I also have a Matter bulb but I can’t add it to NSPANEL PRO. There is an error when adding.

Same for me matter lights does not work with the NSpanel pro

What version of Nspanel Pro do you have?
what version of the ewelink application do you have?
I have nspanel pro (v 3.0.1) and ewelink (v5.5.0).
I have the bulb paired with nspanel pro but it is often offline.
other matter devices are also very often offline.

I have eWeLink app 5.5.0 and nspanel PRO version 3.0.1

I have no issues with the switches, but the matter bulb, any versions of the bulb color, non color doesnt work, they work with all my Other hubs like Homey and Apple tv

EWeLink doesn’t seem to find them at all, but the NSPanel pro get a popup that is has found a new matter device in the network, but can find them. It would be nice if any of the ewelink staff could answer us about these issues.


Sorry for the inconvenience.
Can you provide the specific model of the Matter light you had an issue with?

Wiz is the brand, and i am using wiz smart plug, that appears online/offline in the nspanel pro sporadically.

I also have the Wiz Wi-fi 60w A60 E27 927-65 CL that the eWeLink find only if reseted and when connecting it it tries to connect but i get an error when adding the light.

I also have a color light from Wiz with the same issues.

I have tried everything.

Thanks for your support.

Are there any issues with other Matter platforms like Google/Apple Home with these devices connected?

Please submit the log from the NSPanel Pro and provide us your device ID on the same page located in: Setting - About - Submit Feedback

Please do make sure it tells you the submission succeeds, sometimes it fails due to poor connection or a large log file.

No issues with Apple Home or Homey, i have sent the logs.

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Can anyone inform How can I connect a Matter device on ewelink by NSPANEL PRO? There’s absolutely no specific path to do that. There is only the Normal zigbee path, that is going to “Add zigbee device” and click on the “Start Pairing” button. But the NSPANEL PRO doesn’t find the Metter device. In alexa, the device is correctly recognize and added. Even the f… Play Services app find the device. Any app find the device, but NSPANEL PRO.
Ewelink v5.5.0


Please update to eWeLink app v5.6 (available to Android, iOS is coming later) and NSPanel Pro v3.1.0

There are different paths to pair Matter devices:

1 - In the top right corner tap + and select Scan, scan the Matter QR code, or choose to input a numeric code manually to pair.

2 - In the top right corner tap + and select add device, after input Wi-Fi information, Matter devices would be discovered and listed, tap on any device will guide you to scan the onboarding QR code to pair like 1

Dear ewelink team , kindly see the photos and advice what to do , reboot didn’t solve the issue and cant add matter bridge due to the error as you see the photos