Zigbee2MQTT Matter Bridge Makes NSPanel Pro Crash

Hello Ewelink team,

I would like to bring to your attention that I am currently utilizing a Zigbee to Matter bridge which is connected to an NSPanelPro hub. The switches and plugs have been successfully detected and are functioning properly. However, the non-RGB lights are not being detected. Additionally, I have one RGB light that has been detected, but whenever I try to toggle it on or off from the NSPanel screen, the entire NSPanel crashes and reboots. Interestingly, I can control the RGB light without any issues using Ewelink app

I would appreciate your guidance on this issue

Also temperature humidity sensors and door contacts were detected as offline and then disappeared from the app


Thx for the feedback. May I ask which Matter Bridge you use for the windows and contact sensors?

And just to make sure, you are using App 5.6 and NSPanel Pro 3.1.0?

As for the IKEA issue, we will take a look.

I tested CW light and RGB light with IKEA DIRIGERA Hub via Matter, all work well. Can you tell us more about your IKEA setup?

Just a heads up, IKEA’s support for Matter is still in its infancy. So if you’re thinking IKEA might be the problem, you may want to contact them as well.

im using zigbee2mqtt matter bridge , yes im using app version 5.6 and nspanel version 3.1 .

im using rgb light from ikea through the matter bridge mentioned before , I can control the light from the ewelink app without any issue , If I control the light from nspanel pro its gives error and makes full restart , by the way the same matter bridge I used with smartthings without any issues at all . if you care to test by yourself here is the link below for the zigbee2mqtt matter bridge .

I see

That’s likely due to false projections of device type. We will try to restore the issue and see if there’s anything we can do.

Thx for the feedback

Dear @tammeryousef, I am able to run both materbridge with zigbee2mqtt plugin and mosquitto under ihost. However I am not able to run zigbee2mqtt under it? can you help me with the setup?

Im using other pc to run home assistant which includes already the zigbee2mqtt and mqtt broker , at your case you need to search if anyone was success to run zigbee2mqtt at ihost , the hard part will be to allocate the zigbee usb port and without ruin your ihost warranty , i will try to do that practice today and get back to you if i can run it .

I have an additional ZigBee dongle so this will not be an issue. I have mosquitto running and working fine (tested with mqtt2cube) and also Matterbridge running with zigbee2mqtt plugging working. I am missing only the last step.

that last step that you missing its the hardest part , its easy to install zigbee2mqtt but in order to make it start then you need to map the zigbee coordinator (even internal or external) to it , ihost docker add-on doesn’t have option to mount the zigbee USB device so its not supported at the moment unless in future updates they add these selections at docker add-on setup .

check this post please

Docker under iHost support external USB devices. I can see my USB ZigBee key and associate it. It is also written in the end of the discussion linked:

After contacting Sonoff they gave me the solution, (although I don’t like it very much, it is functional)

They tell me that it is not possible to use the zigbee interface for two entities and it can only be used in the ewelink Cube.

But you can put a zigbee USB stick, create a new docker image of zigbee2mqtt and when you give it advanced options, the stick and the docker interface to associate it with appear.

A quick heads up, I managed to restore the issue and reported to our dev team, will keep you updated once there’s any progress.

Also I noticed the component has abnormal behavior even on other platforms like Google and still unstable. When toggling on light, it did not send brightness value and left a light on with 0% brightness which should be illegal.

It would also be good to open an issue on GitHub to address their attention.

i found this video , he made it to work with zigbee2mqtt kindly check

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