NSPanel Pro Matter Hub Issue

@ward Have you met the similar issue?


Please try switching your phone’s Wi-Fi, or turn it off and back on while KEEP THE APP RUNNING.

Let us know if it works.

@ward Send him the new nspanel pro update. The current version is 3.1.0

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what version of the ewelink application do you have?
During pairing, it is a good idea to turn on the airplane mode on your phone for a moment. This treatment improves the efficiency of evaporation.

i always force close tha ewelink app and put on airplane mode before doing any pairing with matter , but i didnt try it while app opened , i will give it a try

i got the latest ewelink app 5.6.0

there is no version 3.1.0 , as the attached photo im on latest firmware 3.0.1

Even if the NSPanel Pro communicates with Matter locally, it still needs WAN to register devices on the eWeLink platform for remote control.

Plus, Matter has to verify device certifications and information for security, which also needs network access to pull it.

For updates:

  • Please turn on screen timeout (15s would be ok)
  • Wait for it to sleep
  • Tap on the screen to wake it up
  • The new firmware should be downloading

oh ok i will test it once im home , why there is no news about latest updates here

Hi i cannot find the 3.1 update, can i force the nspanel PRO to update?

I have updated to v3.1 and i have the latast eWeLink app and no matter devices is working now not even sometimes and i cannot add devices either how can an uppdatera make it worse.

welcome to the club… same issues

On an Android phone, one of the causes of the matter device addition error is the screen saver being turned on. When pairing, you need to set the screen saver time to 5 minutes.

The second issue is the influence of the distance between devices. It is best if the devices are next to each other and have a strong WiFi signal. (matter device, nspanel pro, phone)

I am using iphone other then that the devices is kissing eachother

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Today I checked that the matter device added to ewelink in LAN mode also works after unplugging nspanel pro from the power supply.
Can someone from ewelink comment on why there are still problems with pairing? Is this a problem with nspanel pro, which loses connection to the ewelink cloud when parked? Because it looks like the application works fine.

Dear All ,

i did upgrade to latest version for nspanelpro and still failing to add devices , @yitie kindly follow up because i already raised a ticket and still pending without follow up

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Same issue here. I tried many different Wiz Lamps. Cannot pair them all. Just bought that NSPanel Pro to have the lights in the Ewelink to use it with MINI4RM Detach Relay and this is now not working at all. Very disappointing.

Ewelink App 5.6 on IOS latest version
NSPanel Pro 3.1 latest version
All Wiz lamps and bulbs on Firmware 1.31 (also latest version).

Find out that there are differences when you scan the QR code, Ewelink recognize it as a lamp. If you enter the code, it’s not recognized as a lamp. Sometimes it says it was successful but then say the lamp needs to be rebooted but all does not help. Cannot add any Wiz bulb or lamp over Matter to Ewlink

What happened with this support ticket ? It is from Feb 2024 :man_facepalming: