NsPanel Pro request features

Dear Ewelink Team ,

I would suggest adding some needed features to NsPanel Pro as the following :
1- adding an option to ewelink app to reboot nspanel remotely as we do with sonoff camera for example

2- being able to use wifi and matter devices into smart security built in system

3- syncing matter devices from and to Ihost vice versa

4- showing matter devices as sub devices to panel

5- removing the word (new) from theme and reminder icons , because we already pressed these icons but the word new still there

6- add an option to add camera’s to nspanel from ewelink app itself because it will be much easier

7- adding an option at ewelink app to fully configure the nspanel remotely since its easier to do on mobile than on panel screen

8- allowing ota updates while screen saver on

9- adding an option to be able to call from panel to mobile , not just panel to panel

Many thanks in advance


We now allows mannualy check update from the NSPanel Pro side

For UI-related questions, we will soon have some big twists to it.

For other feature requests, I will share them with our product team.


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iHost should act as a Matter Hub too later this year if everything goes well; there’s no such plan to sync devices between at the moment.

Strictly speaking, they are not sub-devices of a specific NSPanel Pro; if one loses connection, another eWeLink matter hub will pick them up, including the CAST app.

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