Add Philips Hue devices to NSPanel Pro

I connected my Philips Hue account with my eWeLink app but i cant add my devices to the NSPanel Pro. When will this be available?
Without this feature this panel is useless for me.

I have the same problem.
Main reason for me to buy this device, is to control different light scenes with the panel connect to the hue bridge.
So now i cant use it.

I bought ns panel pro to use with led lights and hue bulbs so i would like to get answer if hue lights will work when I but them?

Well, before ordering a device, it is recomended to chek if it supports the items you want to use it with. And as far as I remember, there is no prommises for support of Philips Hue products.

I have 2 pcs exacly same led Zigbee led stripes. I see both in Philips Hue app, and in Smart Things (samsung), and ewelink app see this Led from Philips Hue, but from Smart Things i get error: Not supported. When i control this led fron evelink app its works, but only one works in NSPanel (widget), and i don’t know why. All others original lights from Philips works fine on NSPanel. For me it was also reason to buy NSPanel, and now i need to buy Philips Hue remote instead…

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Well, it’s compatible with ZIGBEE, so it MUST works!

I reported the same problem and… my post has been UNLISTED.

Is there any solution yet?
Mine panel and hue lamps stil dont work.

Yes basic sync/control with HUE is not working, which is why I bought this, amazon page shows the works with HUE symbol - this is not the case it seems