[bug] NS Panel Pro - Philips Hue

Sonoff says it’s compatible with Philips Hue

As soon as the light is paired on NS Panel Pro, the screen becomes fully dark and the only way to get it back is by powering it off and on again (removing the power cord).

While the screen is fully dark, I can see it on eWelink app, but I can’t change the brightness or turn it off.

When I restart the NS Panel PRO (removing the power cord), the light is not on eWelink anymore.

The only way to add it is using the option “Add” on eWelink app (NS Panel → Gateway → Add). In this way I can see the Philips lights on the app, but I’m still not able to Power it on/off neither change the brightness. Everytime I get the error message “Failed, please try again”

Exactly the same problem when I try to set the timer/schedule on Sonoff Plugs S26R2ZBTPG as reported here


Hi there,

Could you please attach a video for further check?

Is not allowed to upload video here.

I uploaded the photo and videos on eWelink app, using the feature “Feedback” to report the bug.

I’m waiting for a reply since 17/Jan/2023.

Kind regards,

I think you can upload the video to google drive or something like that, and then send the link to me :wink:

Please see the error on the link below, the error will appear at 8 seconds and also 18 seconds: