[bug] NS Panel Pro - Philips Hue

Sonoff says it’s compatible with Philips Hue

As soon as the light is paired on NS Panel Pro, the screen becomes fully dark and the only way to get it back is by powering it off and on again (removing the power cord).

While the screen is fully dark, I can see it on eWelink app, but I can’t change the brightness or turn it off.

When I restart the NS Panel PRO (removing the power cord), the light is not on eWelink anymore.

The only way to add it is using the option “Add” on eWelink app (NS Panel → Gateway → Add). In this way I can see the Philips lights on the app, but I’m still not able to Power it on/off neither change the brightness. Everytime I get the error message “Failed, please try again”

Exactly the same problem when I try to set the timer/schedule on Sonoff Plugs S26R2ZBTPG as reported here


Hi there,

Could you please attach a video for further check?

Is not allowed to upload video here.

I uploaded the photo and videos on eWelink app, using the feature “Feedback” to report the bug.

I’m waiting for a reply since 17/Jan/2023.

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I think you can upload the video to google drive or something like that, and then send the link to me :wink:

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Please see the error on the link below, the error will appear at 8 seconds and also 18 seconds:

Hello Renato, you mentioned the screen of NSPanel pro became dark as soon as the light is paired, would you please provide a video? When the screen is dark, is it possible to light it up by pressing the screen?

Here is the video when I try to pair the Philips Bulb to NSPANEL PRO: Philips Hue White UK (Zigbee/Bluetooth) not compatible with NSPanel Pro - YouTube

The only way to have the NSPanel Pro back again is removing the power cord and turn it on again.

When the screen is dark, I can see the light on eWelink app, but I can’t turn the light ON/OFF neither change the brightness. Happens exactly what you see on the video on my previous.

Product: Philips Hue White LED Smart Light https://amzn.eu/d/hPiyhpJ

Additional question: why did you set this topic as UNLISTED?

Hidden a bug will not fix it :thinking:

Hi there,
The problem has been submitted to the technical team as a special case and is undergoing a case-by-case investigation.
Regarding UNLIST,
When similar issues are raised for the same device model or type by multiple users, we will discuss them collectively in one post. Users can share their details in the post for the technical team to investigate collectively.
For non-general issues, I will unlist them after submitting them to the technical team. As soon as the investigation results are available, we will promptly inform the user.
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I got more details about the firmware, model of this light on Phillips app.

Please see the screenshot below. The firmware is 1.101.8 I updated recently, but I noticed this problem even with old firmwares (1.92 or something like that. I don’t remember exactly.

Hi there, sorry for the issue you experienced.
Because this device is not a standard 3.0 program product supported by NSPanel Pro, when you try to add this device with NSPanel pro, you will encounter the NSPanel pro blue screen/unable to control on the APP problem. We are planning to support the device, but cannot provide an exact support time at this moment. I will update you when we have further progress.

Hi @StephenJ
So why did Sonoff inform that NSPanel Pro is compatible with Philips Hue lights, while it isn’t fully compatible?
Now I have 2 light bulbs that are useless that cost me £39.98 :anguished:

As far as I know, each brand has its own unique design, including some standard Zigbee 3.0 products. For Zigbee 3.0 products, NSPanel pro currently adds zigbee devices according to the cluster capabilities of the devices, which I believe is the reason for the issue.
Kindly refer to this article:
Better stability and compatibility for NSPanel Pro Zigbee Networking! - SONOFF Official
However, this does not mean that the device is useless because we will continue to improve this part to make NSPanel pro support more Zigbee devices in the future.


Zigbee is an international standard (IEEE 802.15.4)
It’s not an unique design where each company can design on their own way.

In your link, there is this info:

NSPanel Pro supports adding all kinds of SONOFF Zigbee devices, while using the essential functions, you can use the special functions of these devices…

I’m unable to run essential functions!
I can’t even turn the lights on/off.