【Feature tips of Cast】How to keep the tablet cycle charging automatically


Since we launched the eWeLink CAST beta version on August 9th, we received lots of feedback and tiles or widgets support requests from our dear users, all requests will be evaluated fully, and sort out these FAQs into tips and keep posting them out, such as Dispaly in full screen or Drag and drop feature hoping to inspire more users and shape the CAST feature together.

One of the frequently asked questions is, is there any way to keep the tablet cycle charging automatically without keeping it charged all the time?

“if I want to embed the tablet into the wall with a mount as a control panel, I need to charge the tablet continuously, which may damage the battery, how should I do to achieve automatic charging? such as start charging when the battery is below 20%, and stop charging when it’s above 80%.”

Here are some tips to make this done:

Method 1 The easiest one but not accurate enough

Schedule the charging time by controlling the power supply of the USB charge adapter, maybe a SONOFF Micro USB Adapter or any other eWeLink support outlet even DIY Switch would be the breaker, setting loop time for the breaker like charging 2 hours and stop for 10 hours by estimated calculation.

Method 2 Charging based on the battery percentage, automatically

For iPads

Apple does not allow third-party apps to read the device’s battery info, but you can use iPad shortcuts and the webhook feature available on eWeLink web to optimize the charging process.

Here, in this case, I used a SONOFF S31 Smart Socket and the settings below to set it up, of course, other eWeLink support outlets even DIY Switch can also make this done.

Step 1

Create a scene on eWeLink web, let’s name it ‘Charge ON’ as an example, settings are shown below, the webhook url will be auto-generated when you save the settings.

Step 2

On your iPad, open Shortcuts and create an automation, settings are shown below:
WHEN battery level falls below 20% , DO Get contents of (your Charge ON webhook url)

When you fill the webhook url, remember to tap the RUN button at bottom right to allow the connection.

Step 3

For Charging OFF, the same you need to create a scene for stop charging, and then create an automation in Shortcuts:

After these settings, the charging switch will be automatically ON or OFF depends on the battery level of your iPad.

For Android tablets

Android is much more open, which gives the possibility to third-party apps to read the device’s power information,

Here, for example, using the service of Android battery within IFTTT, linking with the service of eWeLink to create applets for charging control:

If battery is lower than 15%, then webhook your Charge ON url.

To stop charging, IFTTT doesn’t have the ‘higher than’ option, here we use another app ‘AccuBattery’, when the battery reaches a value you set, it will send you a notification like ‘battery level is now xx% please disconnect the charger’ . (You can use other battery monitor app if you like)

Then do this in IFTTT:
If - Android device - notification received from a specific app
fill in the app name ‘AccuBattery’ , and fill in the text like ‘disconnect’ in the filter keyword area.
The applet should be:
If Notification received from ‘AccuBattery’ and contains the word ‘disconnect’, then webhook your Charge OFF url.

(note: you may need to allow IFTTT to access the notifications in system settings)

ALL set, take a try, and enjoy.
Next tip, let’s talk about how to lock the screen and restrict the iPad to the CAST browser by using guided access, stay tuned.
Please feel free to share your experiences or suggestions.


I have a problem with the webhook scene. What I want to do is to turn the USB MICRO on/off, but it doesn’t show up as a smart device in actions

hi,the USB micro is not supported by web now, may be supported in the future.

Question to the Android setup. You are using an example “if battery is higher than 80%”, but when I’m looking at the IFTTT Android battery I only see 3 options:
a) plugged in
b) not plugged in
c) battery below15%

OK thanks for the answer

Hi we’ve updated this article, to solve the problem that IFTTT doesn’t have the battery ‘higher than’ option

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the SONOFF USB micro will be supported by eWeLink web in November (8th maybe)

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Thanks. Looking forward to it

I now can see the USB micro has turned up as a smart device under ewelink scenes. Any knowledge about when it also would be available in if3t as a 1-channel plug or switch?

noted, will support by the end of December

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USB micro is supported by IFTTT now, as 1-channel switch/plug, both Trigger&Action

That is very nice. Will update my applet to this new functionality