How to automate handphone charging

i already got my self smartplug
how to create automatic charging and off charger when my phone reach 20%/80% battery level

If you have Android, install the MacroDroid app and set the trigger for the battery level, then use the ewelink webhook address via http call as an action.

In WEB ewelink, create a scene and set the webhook as IF and your device and ON as THEN.

For OFF it’s the same, only the other way around…

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another question, will this webhook works with ihost?

Hmm, I’m not sure if it can be done…

If we are talking about ewelink webhook, it is a function that requires the cloud and a paid plan.

Would iHost be able to control the smart socket, yes… but the problem here is sending the command from the phone to iHost.

I’m not sure if and how iHost is able to receive random communications.

I’m curious why it’s a phone and not a tablet, does your phone need to be connected to a power plug all the time?

If it is a tablet, after installing the eWeLink CAST App on the tablet and logging in to your account, you can use the cloud scenarios in the eWeLink App to configure when the tablet’s battery level is above 80%/below 20% as a trigger.

actually the intention is to convert the phone to camera.

found this thread in this forum, but that was a year ago, until no nothing progress?

Thank you Mr. Morgan,

You saved me the hassle of scrapping my 2 smartphones as well as quite a few Sonoff equipment.

After struggling a bit, but only with your 3 lines, I could configure and see something that even Sonoff company (India and abroad) as well as ITEAD could not assist.

Now my mobile is charging and stops when the battery reaches 20%-80%.

Will be copying that Macrodroid on the 2 smartphones and 1 more Basic switch to witness that everything is working as advised by you.

Thank you!

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