【eWeLink CAST App】Let eWeLink CAST app manage your tablet's charging

Tired of your eWeLink CAST app tablet dying all the time? The latest eWeLink app update brings the perfect solution for keeping your CAST tablet powered up!

Introducing eWeLink CAST app battery level triggers:

  1. Download eWeLink app (v5.1) on your phone or tablet, and the eWeLink CAST app (v1.2) on your tablet.
  2. In eWeLink app, create a scene and select the tablet running eWeLink CAST app as a trigger, select ‘when power is lower then 20%’
  3. Set the action to turn on a Smart Plug
  4. Plug your tablet charger into that Smart Plug

Now when your tablet starts running low, it will automatically turn on the smart plug to start charging itself!

(by the way, you can also create another scene to stop charging when power is higher then 80%)

You can place this tablet anywhere in your home to control scenes and it will make sure to never run out of juice.

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Hi, could anyone explain to me how to create the scene since I haven’t succeeded, to start I would like to do it on the phone and then also on a tablet where I then control all the devices.

in the eWeLink app, go to the Scene tab and there you can create a new scene by click the + button upper right.