【Matter Devices supported】eWeLink CAST App V2.1 released

V2.1 (2024.5.23) what’s new

  1. Matter Bridges and Matter lights are supported now.

  2. Now you can change the screen saver time format between 12H/24H.

  3. Fixed some known issues.

Download eWeLink CAST APP

Search “eWeLink CAST” on

  • Android Play Store
  • iPad version will be available later (expected May 28)


  • CAST APP is for Tablet only, the APP is not adapted to mobile phones.
  • Know issue in V2.1 - If the system font is made bold, the screen saver time may be displayed incorrectly. This problem will be fixed soon.

V2.0 (2024.1.16)

New Feature: Serve as a Matter Hub - Control Matter devices from various brands with eWeLink CAST at your fingertips.

This feature allows your tablet to serve as a Matter Hub to control your Matter devices.
(You need to add Matter devices to eWeLink APP first.)

Note: this feature is in beta testing, if you have any problems when using it, feel free to leave a comment here.

What is Matter?
Matter, a standard protocol that allows devices from different brands to work together, creates a unified ecosystem for smart home devices. And the Matter hub plays a key role in connecting this ecosystem and integrating smart devices to realize interconnection.

V1.2 what's new

V1.2 - 2023.10.25

New feature: Video Stream
This feature allows you to use your tablet’s camera to stream live video directly to the eWeLink app.

With Video Stream, you can easily secure your home in real-time right from the eWeLink app. Just open the CAST app on your compatible tablet, enable Video Stream, and you’ll be able to view live video feed from your tablet’s camera on the eWeLink app on your smartphone or other device.

V1.1 what's new

V1.1 - 2023.07.06

New feature Voice Call in the side menu for two-way calls with NSPanel Pro or another CAST app, and receive calls from the eWeLink App.

apk link: cast appv1.1.0.apk - Google Drive

V1.0 How to

**V1.0 **
Your eWeLink CAST dashboards are now available in App Way!

Access, control, and experience your smart home devices in a stylish dashboard, no matter if it’s Cloud-based or Locally CUBE-managed. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use design, you can conveniently control your devices, monitor your home’s status, execute automated actions, get more information with widgets, and enjoy many other features.

Here’s what you can expect:

:star2: Intuitive Interface: Say goodbye to complicated controls! Our user-friendly interface simplifies smart device management. Effortlessly navigate through the app and easily control your devices.
:earth_africa: Remote Control: Gain full control of your smart devices from anywhere in the world. Turn lights on/off, adjust the temperature, activate security cameras, and more, all with a simple tap on your smartphone or tablet.
:clapper: Scene Performing: Set the perfect ambiance with personalized scenes. With just one tap, dim the lights, close the blinds, and adjust the temperature for an unforgettable movie night.
:bar_chart: Usage Tracking: Stay informed about your device power usage with real-time charts. Identify energy-hungry devices and adjust your consumption strategy instantly to save energy and money.
:house: Home Status Monitoring: Keep an eye on your home’s temperature and humidity with automatically updated charts. Stay informed about the ambient conditions with just a glance.
:iphone: Full Screen Display: With the eWeLink CAST app, your dashboard will be displayed in full screen, giving you an immersive smart home experience.
:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Cloud & Local: Easily add and switch between Cloud CAST & Local CAST.
:lock: Data Security and Privacy: Your security is our priority. Rest assured knowing that your information is encrypted and protected, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a connected home without any worries.

Discover the convenience and endless possibilities of smart living with eWeLink CAST. Simplify your life, enhance comfort, and make your home smarter than ever before. Download now and embrace the future of smart home technology!


  • Currently only Android available.
  • This app is designed for Tablet, it is not recommended to install on mobile phones.
  • *Scanning the QR code to log in requires the eWeLink App version to be higher than 4.33. The eWeLink App V4.33 has been submitted to Google Play Store. Please note that the update may not be immediately visible to everyone at this point, as Google releases the update gradually. iOS users can expect to access the update by the end of June.

Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ewelinkcastapp&hl=en

Download apk file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MEmi6_h-g3ok540UYUvt-yC89KXWsysL/view?usp=sharing


User Guide

Step 1 Create your CAST dashboard (Cloud)

1.On your web browser, go to https://web.ewelink.cc/ and navigate the the CAST menu on left side.

2.Click the ‘+’ button the create a new dashboard.

3.Enter a name for the dashboard, select your devices, manual scenes, and charts.

  1. On the settings tab, select the widgets you need:
  • For the weather widget, please search for your location in the search box.
  • For the Custom text, please enter your text in the text box.

Select a background color for the dashboard

Set a PIN code for the dashboard if necessary. (If set, when you enter or exit the dashboard you need to enter the PIN code.)

5.On the preview area, drag and drop the tiles to arrange them. And click the resize icon to change between different sizes.

  1. Click the Save button.

Step 2 Use the CAST dashboard

Option 1 Use web browser

You can visit https://cast.ewelink.cc/ to use the dashboard on any web browser (on PC or Tablet).

Option 2 Use eWeLink CAST App (Recommended for Android Tablet)

1.Download and install the eWeLink CAST App on your tablet.

2.Open the app and select Cloud CAST

3.Select Log in with account & password

*Scanning the QR code to log in requires the eWeLink app version to be higher than 4.33. Currently, the Android version is being released one after another, and the iOS version will be a little later.

4.Login to your eWeLink account and the CAST dashboard will be available in the CAST App.

5.If you’ve created Local CAST on CUBE powered device like iHost, click the side menu to add the Local CAST.

6.Enter the IP address of your iHost (example to add your Local CAST

7.Then you can easily switch between Cloud CAST and Local CAST

What OS does the tablet need to be running? The tablet I leave at home is old. It stopped being updated by Apple a while ago.

The minimum OS we’ve tested is Android 8 , iOS12.

older tablet may also work, you could have a try.

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hello,i have a problem with my tablet.it stopped loading ewelink

cast suddenly. I don’t know if you stop supporting android 6 ver. ,but it was working fine 2 months now i started the paid plan…

Hi, CAST has been updated recently, please try to do some change on CAST via the eWeLink web to see if it get back to work.

Noice Thats Nice GIF

I updated ewelin cast today and discovered a glitch in the clock screensaver. The time is not displayed correctly. while the real time is 23:50, it shows 2:5:… please correct!!!


Thx for the feedback. I have reported this issue to our team


A fix is coming.

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Will release a fix version later today.
The team also replicated the issue on some tablets after setting text font to bold.

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One more note and please correct it. We are talking about updating the page. Now I don’t have to re-open the page to reload and this is a plus, but with the new update I lost quick access to the panel, I have to wait about 5 seconds until the page loads and I can control the devices. And since I often open the door from the cast panel, this brings great inconvenience!!! It is necessary that the page be updated, but the ability to quickly access devices is not lost. Until you figure out how to solve this, it’s better to return everything as it was!!!