「Update」eWeLink Cast V1.1 released

What’s new in eWeLink Cast V1.1

eWeLink Cast V1.1 has been released, in this release we have added support for a number of devices and fixed some bugs.

:sailboat:New devices supported:

1. Lights: Most of the LED bulbs and some of the LED light strips.

1.1 WARM & COLD lights

Features: Adjust brightness and warm/cold colors

1.2 RGBCW lights

Features: Adjust brightness and RGB/warm/cold colors

1.3 LED light strips

Features: Adjust brightness and RGB/warm/cold colors, select preset lighting modes

2. Sensors: Motion sensor, Door/window sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor.

2.1 Door/Window sensor

Features: Dynamic icon for quick review, history of status changing

2.2 Motion sensor

Features: Dynamic icon for quick review, history of detection

2.3 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Features: Dynamic icon for quick review

3. Ceiling fan controller: additionally, we have added support for Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan And Light Controller

Features: Control light, fan speed

4. Switches: more switches were added

Feature: Control of individual channels

:sailboat:Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Some users have found that Cast does not open on some older iPads and Android tablets, we have done some research on this and indeed the older devices are not compatible with the new technology we use, we have made optimizations on the new version and now Cast works on those devices.
  • In version 1.0, we found that it was not very easy to enter PIN code on some tablets, so in version 1.1 we added a virtual keyboard for the code input, now it is much easier.

:sailboat:Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out the following:

Support of more devices

Weather and Date widgets

UI optimization

Thank you for your clear effort, I have some questions and some suggestions

First: the questions

  1. I have a DUALR3 that works to control the blinds - I could not add it to the CAST - by the way it also cannot be controlled in eWeLink Web - I hope to solve this problem in both eWeLink Web and CAST

  2. I have L1 that does not show up so I can add it to the CAST

  3. I have a Water Leak Sensor, and it was connected to the Zigbee Bride. It didn’t show up so I could add it.

Secondly, the suggestions
1- Create a URL for only one of the five Dashboards, so that it can be placed in the full screen mode without showing the rest of the other Dashboards in the tablet.

2- Only one channel can be added from TX2C or TX3C.


Hi there, devices need to be integrated into the CAST separately, and we are still in the process of doing so.

Using the PIN code feature of the CAST allows you to set a unique access code for each dashboard which we think has a better user experience with different URLs, especially need to memorize all the links, really frustrating.
Check the tip post we placed here How to display eWeLink Cast dashboard in full screen - eWeLink

@Teki let’s check the TX2C/ TX3C issue with our test devices if duplicate.

Hi, for your questions

  1. DUALR3, only Switch mode is supported now, we’re planning to add support for Motor mode (which you use for blinds) and Meter mode in next version.
  2. Do you mean the Sonoff L1 light strip? please let me know the device id which is shown in the device settings page.
  3. Yes the Watler Leak sensor is not supported yet, we’ll add it soon.

And for your suggestions

  1. If you enter a dashboard and then add a bookmark to your browser, next time you click the bookmark, it will still be the dashboard you visit last time. Is this ok?
  2. You mean seperate the channels, like seperate a 3-way switch to be 3 tiles on cast page, right? We’ll look into it. by the way why do you need this?

Hi, thank you very much for the respond

1- Regarding the DUALR3, please add it also in the eWelink web because it is not working now as a motor

2- Yes, I mean Sonoff L1 light strip - and its Device ID is 100107953.

3- We are waiting for it to support the Water Leak sensor, which will be a good addition.

Regarding the suggestions

1- Yes it is good.

2- Yes - I use one of the channels to open the door lock, so if I can only put this channel it would be better and easier to open the TX3C and choose the channels that open the lock.

Thank you for your cooperation

just check your L1 light strip by the id 1001017953, it should be supported normally, can you please check it again or try to update its firmware? (by the way L1 is supported, L2 L3 not yet)

Is any support for Kindle 7" devices planned? web page still cannot recognize landscape mode of my Kindle 7" device

Can you check the screen resolution of your tablet and let me know?
Maybe try to change the resolution settings in system settings (if there is) or change the UA (browser user agent) settings in the web browser.