My experience with eWelink sonoff - Suggestions

Want to share some ideas based on my experience with ewelink

eWelink CAST - Suggestions

  • possibility of slide between different casts without the need of go back to choose one cast
  • Sunset and sunrise widget, similar to weather
  • NSPanel and TX2/3 possibility to show independent channels in ewelink cast
  • Possibility of change background images
  • tail of last 20 Scenes logs, for example

SONOFF devices

  • decimal are needed to temperature and RH
  • on/off button needed for the automatic thermostat
  • possibility to show independent channels in ewelink app
  • more background images, like kitchen and attic
  • possibility to setup on widgets of the NSPanel channels of another NSPanel


  • Possibility to setup a scene to alert if a door or window is open more then X time


  • possibility to use filter to search on the scene logs, one idea is to give an unique Id to scenes
  • On scenes should be permitted to set, for example, to turn ON on sunset and turn OFF on a specific hour, for example 23:00


  • zigbee rain sensor
  • zigbee lux sensor

For example I have a VELUX with a zigbee window sensor, and I would like to be notified if it start rain (zigbee rain sensor) and I also want to turn the light if not enough clarity, same that happens on cars (zigbee lux sensor).

Thanks Guys, keep the good work, and I’m expecting that some of my suggestions will be applied

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Wow, thx for your sincere feedback! I am sending your mes to our product team!

Some of your feature requests are planned:

Like: Customized background pic, logbook card, and splitting multi-channel devices

Others are now in consideration and may arrive in future versions.

Thx again for your suggestions.

If you are in a hurry with this functionality, you can achieve it using

This could be achieved, for example, by creating a scene on the ewelink side. Every time the sensor is activated, it sends a webhook call.
On the SM side, count the number of times using a variable and react accordingly.

This requires adaptation to a specific solution. When to count, how much to count, how to reset a variable value and when.

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  • The sequence on the ewelink side.
  • Trigger, device, sensor, O/C condition.
  • Send status as +1 via webhook.
  • Every time the sensor reacts on the SM side, each sensor reaction will increase the state value by one.


  • Execution sequence on the SM side.
  • Trigger based on value 3 in variable R1.
  • Performing actions according to preference. The example uses a webhook but can be any action.


  • Sequence on the SM side.
  • Trigger when the R1 variable reaches state 3, change the value to 0.

In this model, we can count how many times the sensor is activated. When the desired value is reached, the preferred action will be performed and at the same time the variable value will be changed to 0 to be ready for the next counting to 3.

This is just a loose example…

Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback.

#Ward, waiting with some expectations for the new features, principally NSPanel with decimals will solve many thinks on my environment

#Morgan, thanks for the input. Got it. Will try. Think it is a good workaround. In future I expect ewelink team add this feature on automatic scenes


I have a automatic gate, is from doorgate brand, model roof and it operates with 24V

I’m thinking to IOT them and I found this product from smartwise:

Just to be sure that I’m looking to the right product. Is this that I need, based on diagram?

It exist any from sonoff? Or just Smartwise?

Thanks one more time

Hi, tried Sequematic, but until now, no luck

On Sequematic Side

On ewelink side
If Open:

If Close


Your url should look like this:****/****/R1/+1 where **** is the censorship of individual address.

You shouldn’t have /DOOR/R1/ Unless that’s your version of censorship. :slight_smile:
R1 is the name of the variable where the values go. Of course, you can choose any name you want. I take it you created a variable?

You’re trying to do the same thing twice.

Stopping here makes little sense imho… What is the purpose of this minute?

What do you want to achieve by subtracting -1 from the value in a variable?

Set everything up as I showed and when it works, start modifying it yourself.

Write again exactly what you want to achieve and I’ll take a look…

Think I got it …what I was doing was the wrong way
Did some changes.
The goal is to receive an alert if door is opened more then X time

Working as expected but don’t understand why the log on ewelink shows failed if it are changing the state to ON

On this example door turn ON and OFF in less than 1 min and I didn’t receive any mail

If door still open [ON] After 1minute it will send me an email

My humble opinion would be that it is always good to start with simple logic and more sequences to make the diagram more understandable. And as we gain practice, we can move towards more complex and uniform sequences. :slight_smile:

The original example I showed does exactly what you wanted. Counts the number of times the door has been opened.

The opening time counting can theoretically be included in another sequence.

I would do it a little differently. Two main sequences and two variables. One counts quantity and the other counts time.

I don’t fully understand your model… Should the number of door openings be a separate alarm and the opening time a separate one, or should both values be met?

Let’s separate the two issues. First, let’s check the number of times the door is opened.
For this purpose, ewelink must send a webhook with +1 information every time the door is opened, but do not use -1 because we do not subtract anything here.
Then, on the SM side, the “Number_of_Door_Openings” variable is increased from 0 to 10, in this way the openings are counted, when it reaches 10 it will perform an action (email) and reset the state from 10 to 0 and will wait for another +1.
Very simple counting of the number of door openings and reacting to them when the assumed number is reached.

The second issue is the door opening time.
For this purpose we use the “Door_Position” variable. On the ewelink side, we send the appropriate webhook depending on the sensor status. Open and Closed… the Open value initiates a one-minute countdown and if the sequence is not stopped by changing the value in “Door_Position” it will execute the action (email).

Make an exact copy of my example and continue from here…

Hello, Thanks for your time.

I just want to be notified if door is open more then X minutes

The number of times that opens, for now isn’t important, but if I need already know how to setup

The way that you setup the sequence with TIMER is the way that I was looking for.

Now I have this:

On ewelink just changed the webhook and it is working as expected. Thanks

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