📱[Rolling with new releases ]eWeLink App Updates

In this post, you will find all the new features released together with the eWeLink App updates. Please kindly note that, if you’re an Android user, download or update the eWeLink App on Google Play Store, while iOS users should do it on App Store.
If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the eWeLink App, drop them in the comments!

eWeLink App V5.4 (March 11th, 2024)
eWeLink App version 5.4 has been submitted to the Google Play Store. iOS users can expect the rollout at the end of March.

What’s new:

  • Support More Matter Devices

Enjoy seamless integration with more Matter devices like the Matter Color Temperature Light and Matter On/Off Light Switch.

  • Home/Device Sharing with Minute-precise Expiration Time

Share your home or specific devices with minute-precise expiration times.

  • Increased Group Number Limit of Energy Dashboard

The Energy Dashboard in Insight now supports up to 16 device groups, allowing you to group devices for an intuitive view of each area’s electricity consumption.

  • Select Specified Channel for Multi-Channel Devices in Presence Simulation

Simulate your presence at home for enhanced security. You can now select specified channels for multi-channel devices in Presence Simulation.

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eWeLink App V5.3 (January 15th, 2024)
eWeLink App version 5.3 has been submitted to the Google Play Store. iOS users can expect the rollout at the end of January.

What’s new:

  • Support for Adding Matter Bridge

Transform your non-Matter devices into Matter-compatible ones effortlessly! Elevate your smart home’s compatibility and simplify integration. Note that to add the Matter Bridge in the eWeLink App, make sure your NSPanel Pro is updated to version 2.4 or higher.

  • Create Scenes with Matter Lights

Unleash your creativity with scenes for Matter lights with dimmable, cool-warm, and colorful capabilities.

  • Customize Your Insights Sections

eWeLink app V5.3 enhances user experience by allowing customization of Insight sections. Previously, the sections in Insight were fixed, but now users can choose which sections to display and arrange them.

  • Exclude Specific Devices in Devices On Section

The “All Off” feature in Devices On allows you to turn off all currently active devices with a single click. To cater to personalized user needs, the eWeLink app V5.3 allows users to exclude specific devices in the “Devices On” sections in Insight. This means that when using the “All Off” feature, these devices will not be turned off.

  • Extend Date Range for Trigger Conditions

For those who love planning ahead, the new update extends the time range for “Time of Day” trigger conditions in scene settings from 3 months to a full year, offering unparalleled flexibility for your long-term smart home strategies.

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eWeLink App V5.2 (December 11th, 2023)
What’s new:

  • Improved Android Widgets

Enjoy a more refined process for creating Android widgets with sorted devices and scenes in homes. This upgrade streamlines the selection process, saving time with features like one-click select all and one-click deselect all.

  • Customizable Scene Notifications

Personalize your smart scene notification with our improved notification editing feature. When creating scenes, you can enrich push notifications with custom messages, supporting up to 100 characters. You can easily customize reminders, device information, operation suggestions, and other key details.

  • Improved Temperature Difference Accuracy

We’ve fine-tuned the temperature difference settings to an impressive 0.5 °C. You can choose any two temperature and humidity devices for comparison, enabling triggers based on differences between rooms, floors, or indoor vs outdoor.

  • Matter Lights Support

Introducing support for Matter lights with dimmable, cool-warm, and colorful capabilities. Note that when adding Matter light devices, a Matter hub is required. eWeLink-supported Matter hub is NSPanel Pro.

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eWeLink App V5.1 (November 8th, 2023)
What’s new:

  • Updated Insight: Add Live Video

Live Video empowers users to monitor camera live view from up to three different security cameras directly within the eWeLink app. Switching between live streams is seamless, making it easier than ever to keep an eye on various areas of your home.

  • Display Room Name on Device Settings

eWeLink App now conveniently displays the room name of each connected device on the Device Settings page. This simplifies device management, allowing you to identify each device’s location within your home quickly.

  • Introduce “Device Control 2x2” Widget

eWeLink App V5.1 introduces the “Device Control 2x2” widget. This allows users to view devices or perform simple on/off actions conveniently via widgets on their home screen.

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【eWeLink App Version 5.0 】(September 13th, 2023)
Where Matter Meets: Experience a New Era of Smart Home

· Matter is Here!
Pair, control, and manage Matter devices from any Brand, even setting scenes with them easily and securely, giving more flexibility and interoperability. (Requires an eWeLink-supported Matter Hub, like NSPanel Pro)

· New Features in Home Sharing and Device Sharing
Differ the access rights of the devices and manual scenes with assigned roles like home members and guests in Home sharing. Restrict the sharing time and set the Timer editing clearance in Device sharing. Manage the sharing list anytime you want. (eWeLink Advanced Plan subscription required.)

· Improved Accessibility with Android Widget
Control more devices, and trigger manual scenes faster via Android Widgets.

· Introducing Insight
Provide an intuitive overview of real-time temperature and humidity, devices in the On state, electricity usage, and random timers.

· Create Even Smarter Scenes
Run the scenes on the very day you set, or with up to 4-hour Sunrise/Sunset offset, get instant email notifications* when the scene is triggered, and drag and drop to reorder actions by your needs. (eWeLink Advanced Plan subscription required.)

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eWeLink App V4.35 (August 8th, 2023)
What’s new:

  • Add “When power is lower than xx” to Trigger

This feature is compatible with POW Elite and POW Origin. And please make sure the firmware is updated to v1.1.0. With this feature, you can create a scene to execute devices when the power is lower than the set value.

  • Optimize Settings in Group Control and Dark Mode

When you’re creating a group to simultaneously control multiple devices, you can select all compatible devices at once and cancel them at a time as well. In Dark Mode, you can toggle on System Settings where the Dark Mode automatically adapts to the system.

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eWeLink App V4.34 (July 10th, 2023)
What’s new:

  • Add TH Temp and Hum Differences to Trigger

You can compare two TH devices’ temp and hum, and add the differences to the condition. For example, you have two TH installed in Room A and Room B. When the temperature in Room A is higher than Room B’s for 5 celcius degrees, turn on the air conditioner in Room A.

  • Group Control Available to More Models

This functionality is now accessible to the L3 Pro model. Consequently, you can simultaneously turn on/off multiple RGBIC light strips, adjust their brightness and color temperature, and even change their colors. Plus, you can group control the settings of Scenes and Rhythm Live.

  • Add more Device Types & “Display As” Available to More Devices

Add nine more device types in this update to cater to your common household appliances like coffee machines, projectors, printers, dishwashers, dehumidifiers, and roller shutter doors, among others. Besides, “Display As” feature has now been extended to Zigbee single channel switches and plugs

  • Allow to Copy Mac Address, FW Name, etc

With the V4.33 update, users can copy the device ID effortlessly with a simple click, which then gets auto-copied to the clipboard. Building on this, our V4.34 update allows users to copy more such as the Model, MAC address, FW Name, and so on with equal ease.
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eWeLink App V4.33 (June 8th, 2023)
What’s new:

  • Add Device Search
    On the home page, simply navigate to the “…” button and click on it. A list will appear, and you will find the search icon within it. Tap on the search icon, and you can enter the device name to swiftly find a device within your current home.
  • Set Longer Delay
    You can now set a Delay for up to 5 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, providing more flexibility in creating automated actions.
  • Allow to copy Device ID
    When you have to provide your Device ID to our support team for troubleshooting, remembering or manually entering the long and complex Device ID is annoying. Now with a simple click on the ID, it will be copied to the clipboard automatically.
  • Compare two TH values as a condition
    ***This feature will be available to iOS version of eWeLink App first and will be released at the end of June. Android users will be able to unlock this feature in early July.
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eWeLink App V4.32 (May 9, 2023)
What’s new:

  • “Show as separate tiles” and “Display as” are synced to shared home members
    The shared home member’s device page also displays the separated tiles and their display roles.

  • Update Scene tiles and sync the updated device icons to the Widget
    We complete the redesign of the Scene tiles and sync the updated device icons to the Widget.

  • Increase account security
    This update hides some letters or numbers on your email account or phone number account that is shown on Profile page.
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eWeLink App V4.31 (April 10, 2023)
What’s New:

  • Copy Scenes
    You can now replicate the existing scene and then edit it with ease, saving time and effort

  • Optimize Scenes Searching
    The search box is located right next to the “+” button. With a simple search, users can find any target scenes in seconds.

  • Share Specific Zigbee Sub-devices
    Previously, users could only share entire sub-devices of a Zigbee bridge. With V4.31, users can now choose which sub-devices to share, giving them greater control over who has access to their smart home devices.

  • Display Separated Channels in the Device List
    Multi-channel switches and plugs can now be separated to independent tiles and showed on the device list.
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eWeLink App V4.30 (March 10, 2023)
What’s New:

  • Customized Channel Names Shown in Device Logs
    To make it easier to track what happened to each channel, V4.30 allows the display of renamed channel names in device logs.

  • More Scene Options
    You can now set Group as an action in Scene for switch, plug, and light groups.

  • More Display Types for 1-Channel Switches
    This update includes 15 new display types for 1-channel switches. You can now set their switch type to Refrigerator, Curtain, and more.
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eWeLink App V4.29 (Jan. 9, 2023)
What’s New:

  • View the scene list by home
    We originally displayed all our scenes directly on the Auto Scenes and Manual Scenes pages. While scenes by home were clearly labeled, users with a large number of scenes were struggling to locate scenes in a timely manner. Now you can view the scene list by home in this new version.

  • Delete multiple schedules and timers of a device at once
    Having to delete each one one by one is a hassle when people don’t need to use them. Using this new version, we will be able to delete multiple schedules and timers of device at once.

  • Create up to 8 device groups in Energy Dashboard
    It is possible to group devices from the same room or from different rooms, to optimize their power consumption in one place without having to walk around. You now have the option of creating even more groups since the number of groups has been increased to 8 in V4.29.
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what about zb devices??? single-channel devices simply have the letter z. the ability to change icons is generally absent, which is for one channel, which is for many channel devices. There are no widgets for zb devices at all. New widgets for wifi devices are also missing. I use two channel zb relays to control the actuators of the boiler and heat exchanger taps, to control a homemade curtain drive, to control the door lock and they need to be designated somehow.

Hi there, thanks for the feedback. The “Display As” is expected to be added to Zigbee devices in July. As for more widget supported devices, it’s in our roadmap and we will optimize it step by step this year.

About the redesign of the scenes page and scene icons:
The icons are very bright. With a white background or background with about the same color of the icons the icons can not be seen clearly. Left alone the horror this would be for the visually impared people.

Hi there, could you take a screenshot to show which scene icons are too bright? Thank you.

Please add inching option to ZigBee devices

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The Zigbee devices like Zigbee switches should comply with Zigbee 3.0 protocol created by CSA. However, a feature like inching mode is not included in the standards. Therefore, we won’t be able to add the inching mode to the Zigbee devices.

I have one Zigbee plug (I believe SA-026?) that does have Inching when paired to the iHost. The strange thing is that the Inching option does not appear at the eWeLink app when paired with a Zigbee bridge.


Hi there, thanks for the additional info. After the confirmation, it’s feasible to add the inching mode to Zigbee devices, however, whether we will add this feature to the Zigbee devices depends on Sonoff’s requirement. So far, we haven’t received any plan from Sonoff to implement it.

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Hello Peter. I have this suggestion: to have the following option whith window/door sensors: if it is open for more than 30 seconds or whatever time, then do the following…

It is important to have this option.

I give you an example: if window sensor is open for more than 30 seconds, then turn off the AA. Why is it important? Imagine than it is not a window, but a balcony. You can go out and hang something and then come in again. If it is the case, it is not necessary to turn the air conditioner off. But if you go out or leave the door open for a longer period, then it would be important to turn the air conditioner off. But right now, it is not possible. Thank you!

Hi there, your idea is much appreciated. Actually, we just brought it to discuss with our product team yesterday. We know it makes sense to add this feature. Later, we will conduct some technical research to evaluate its feasibility. We’ll keep you posted.

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OK but longer delay is NOT AVAIBLE in WEB so we have advanced plan for… NOTHING?
More OFFSET TIME (now max offset is 30 min) should be wellcome

Hi there, generally speaking, we release new features for the App first and then will sync it to the web in the near future. Longer Delay is a feature we will consider adding to the web later.

By the way, the offset time you mentioned is the before/after sunrise/sunset duration?

This is not some particularly clever or useful feature. Up North the days are longer but will get shorter. Should I change it manually every week? A funny way of understanding automation.

Right. Is the sunrise/sunset offset… could be longer

Hi there, how long do you think the offset is perfect for your scenarios?

Whatever the perfect offset time is, the whole idea of sunrise/sunset offset is not very wise or clever. Tell me about one useful application of it. We are talking about some weird understanding of automation. Excluding the equatorial zone, sunrise and sunset do not, after all, take place at a fixed times.

I would like you to provide the option of moving and sorting device cards according to the user’s wishes in some future updates.

The current solution sorts the devices according to the order of their login to the eWeLink application.

I note that on iHost I can sort device links as I wish.

The Sunrise/Sunset time is not a fixed time for everyone. We access your current location and the sunrise time and sunset time are set according to this location. Also, this is not a fixed time throughout the year. The use of Sunrise and Sunset offset in the scene is that, generally we don’t know when the sun rises in our city, so we couldn’t set a timer to turn on/off the smart devices. With the Sunrise/Sunset offset, you don’t have to do that manually, our server will know the time in your city. The Sunrise/Sunset offset works as a timer, however, unlike a timer, the time is not fixed for everyone and anytime.