📱[Rolling with new releases ]eWeLink App Updates

In this post, you will find all the new features released together with the eWeLink App update in 2023. Please kindly note that, if you’re an Android user, download or update the eWeLink App on Google Play Store, while iOS users should do it on App Store.
If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the eWeLink App, drop them in the comments!

Take a sneak peek at V4.33 that will be released in June:

  • Longer Delay
  • Device search
  • Compare two TH values as a condition
  • Allow to copy Device ID

eWeLink App V4.32 (May 9, 2023)
What’s new:

  • “Show as separate tiles” and “Display as” are synced to shared home members
    The shared home member’s device page also displays the separated tiles and their display roles.

  • Update Scene tiles and sync the updated device icons to the Widget
    We complete the redesign of the Scene tiles and sync the updated device icons to the Widget.

  • Increase account security
    This update hides some letters or numbers on your email account or phone number account that is shown on Profile page.
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eWeLink App V4.31 (April 10, 2023)
What’s New:

  • Copy Scenes
    You can now replicate the existing scene and then edit it with ease, saving time and effort

  • Optimize Scenes Searching
    The search box is located right next to the “+” button. With a simple search, users can find any target scenes in seconds.

  • Share Specific Zigbee Sub-devices
    Previously, users could only share entire sub-devices of a Zigbee bridge. With V4.31, users can now choose which sub-devices to share, giving them greater control over who has access to their smart home devices.

  • Display Separated Channels in the Device List
    Multi-channel switches and plugs can now be separated to independent tiles and showed on the device list.
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eWeLink App V4.30 (March 10, 2023)
What’s New:

  • Customized Channel Names Shown in Device Logs
    To make it easier to track what happened to each channel, V4.30 allows the display of renamed channel names in device logs.

  • More Scene Options
    You can now set Group as an action in Scene for switch, plug, and light groups.

  • More Display Types for 1-Channel Switches
    This update includes 15 new display types for 1-channel switches. You can now set their switch type to Refrigerator, Curtain, and more.
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eWeLink App V4.29 (Jan. 9, 2023)
What’s New:

  • View the scene list by home
    We originally displayed all our scenes directly on the Auto Scenes and Manual Scenes pages. While scenes by home were clearly labeled, users with a large number of scenes were struggling to locate scenes in a timely manner. Now you can view the scene list by home in this new version.

  • Delete multiple schedules and timers of a device at once
    Having to delete each one one by one is a hassle when people don’t need to use them. Using this new version, we will be able to delete multiple schedules and timers of device at once.

  • Create up to 8 device groups in Energy Dashboard
    It is possible to group devices from the same room or from different rooms, to optimize their power consumption in one place without having to walk around. You now have the option of creating even more groups since the number of groups has been increased to 8 in V4.29.
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what about zb devices??? single-channel devices simply have the letter z. the ability to change icons is generally absent, which is for one channel, which is for many channel devices. There are no widgets for zb devices at all. New widgets for wifi devices are also missing. I use two channel zb relays to control the actuators of the boiler and heat exchanger taps, to control a homemade curtain drive, to control the door lock and they need to be designated somehow.

Hi there, thanks for the feedback. The “Display As” is expected to be added to Zigbee devices in July. As for more widget supported devices, it’s in our roadmap and we will optimize it step by step this year.

About the redesign of the scenes page and scene icons:
The icons are very bright. With a white background or background with about the same color of the icons the icons can not be seen clearly. Left alone the horror this would be for the visually impared people.

Hi there, could you take a screenshot to show which scene icons are too bright? Thank you.

Please add inching option to ZigBee devices

The Zigbee devices like Zigbee switches should comply with Zigbee 3.0 protocol created by CSA. However, a feature like inching mode is not included in the standards. Therefore, we won’t be able to add the inching mode to the Zigbee devices.

I have one Zigbee plug (I believe SA-026?) that does have Inching when paired to the iHost. The strange thing is that the Inching option does not appear at the eWeLink app when paired with a Zigbee bridge.

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Hi there, thanks for the additional info. After the confirmation, it’s feasible to add the inching mode to Zigbee devices, however, whether we will add this feature to the Zigbee devices depends on Sonoff’s requirement. So far, we haven’t received any plan from Sonoff to implement it.

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Hello Peter. I have this suggestion: to have the following option whith window/door sensors: if it is open for more than 30 seconds or whatever time, then do the following…

It is important to have this option.

I give you an example: if window sensor is open for more than 30 seconds, then turn off the AA. Why is it important? Imagine than it is not a window, but a balcony. You can go out and hang something and then come in again. If it is the case, it is not necessary to turn the air conditioner off. But if you go out or leave the door open for a longer period, then it would be important to turn the air conditioner off. But right now, it is not possible. Thank you!

Hi there, your idea is much appreciated. Actually, we just brought it to discuss with our product team yesterday. We know it makes sense to add this feature. Later, we will conduct some technical research to evaluate its feasibility. We’ll keep you posted.