「NEW feature arrival」Meet eWeLink Cast and let us know your ideas

Controlling devices via a touch screen other than your phone has become increasingly popular, and we’re constantly thinking about how to provide a feature that allows you to control your smart devices more quickly, to utilize an idle tablet and even be able to choose which devices to display on the screen, so we launched CAST, hope you like it!

Learn more about Cast: Cast - eWeLink

How to use the Cast:

Tips for Cast

How to display eWeLink Cast dashboard in full screen:

Drag & Drop to pin your favourite devices & scenes on top of the dashboard:

How to prevent others from switching your Cast dashboards?

How to keep the tablet cycle charging automatically?

Just set this up and found that my iFan03 isn’t supported.

we are working on more device and widget integration, and collect more feedbacks as possible.

I think it is a great idea!!!
It lacks a bit of customization. Different wallpapers, being able to separate device widgets from 2 or more channels.
Something that personally would be very useful, the integration of third-party widgets, “google calendar”, “keeps notes”, “a clock!!”

None of my scenes show

I can select device and they work but when I click select scene there are none?

I do have many scenes

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Only manual scenes ( “tap to perform” ) are supported

Yea, we are working on feature requirements collection and evaluate them fully,
for now, in next version, planned to bring the tiles of lights, sensors, and charts of TH and POW devices to the Cast, and yes, pre-set wallpapers and widget for calendar and weather are on the list too, stay tuned with us.

Planned to bring the sensors to the CAST in next version :man_technologist:

working on the new tiles of sensors :art:

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Thanks that explains it.

when will we get the ‘new version’?

Planned in the middle of September.

New tips released, How to prevent others from switching your Cast dashboards?
check it here

Another two tips posted earlier to leverage the CAST experience

hi, the project is very interesting especially if it manages to integrate many devices :+1:
There remains a problem when internet connections fail and this sometimes happens with us, can integrating a mini server locally be an idea?

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hope to support POWER Elite device soon
Great feature, thanks project

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Great idea, maybe we should considering make a local bridge sth like a mini server and CAST feature build-in😎

Working on POWER monitoring devices and charts👨‍💻

Check our new tryout of making an automatic cycling charging and keep the health of the battery.

Great idea