【Feature tips of Cast】How to display eWeLink Cast dashboard in full screen

Problem you may encounter

When you’ve configured the Cast dashboards and want to use the tablet as a control panel for a long time, you may find that the tablet cannot hide its status/notification bar (as shown below), and even the address bar of some browsers can take up a little screen height, just a little bit away from perfection.

Possible Solution

To solve this problem, you can use a specific browser which enables full-screen display of the Cast pages.

1.For Android tablets

browser name:Full Kiosk Browser

Download it from Google Play store, or find the apk file on their website:

After installation, open it and fill in cast.ewelink.cc in the Start URL, tap the START USING FULLY to try it.

Now you dashboard should be displayed in full screen like this:

2.For iPads

Like Android, there is a similar app on iPads.
browser name:Kiosk - fullscreen browser

App Store link (US):‎Kiosk - fullscreen browser on the App Store
After installation, please go to Settings of your iPad, find Kiosk and fill in cast.ewelink.cc in the Site area:

Open the Kiosk browser and the Cast page should be displayed in full screen like this:

The above is a workable way to display the Cast dashboard in full screen, if you have a better way, please feel free to leave a comment. In the meantime we are exploring better solutions, and in subsequent updates we will provide you with an easier and more seamless way to use Cast.


For old iPads no chance to use it…Minimum iOS14

hi, yes some old iPads are not compatible with new programming languages used on CAST web, sorry there is no solution for now if you don’t have any other tablets.