「NEW feature arrival」Meet eWeLink Cast and let us know your ideas

working on the new tiles of sensors :art:

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Thanks that explains it.

when will we get the ‘new version’?

Planned in the middle of September.

New tips released, How to prevent others from switching your Cast dashboards?
check it here

Another two tips posted earlier to leverage the CAST experience

hi, the project is very interesting especially if it manages to integrate many devices :+1:
There remains a problem when internet connections fail and this sometimes happens with us, can integrating a mini server locally be an idea?

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hope to support POWER Elite device soon
Great feature, thanks project

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Great idea, maybe we should considering make a local bridge sth like a mini server and CAST feature build-in😎

Working on POWER monitoring devices and charts👨‍💻

Check our new tryout of making an automatic cycling charging and keep the health of the battery.

Great idea

Have you try it? any suggestion?

I have 2 sonoff S40’s on the eWelink web interface you have access to the power stats.

is this info going to be made available in the eWelink Cast also?

Keep up the good work

Sure, charts are on the list.

I can not seem to be able to add my sonoff s40’s to the cast menu fo casting is the s40 supported ?

Not yet, we planned to bring the charts with the power monitoring devices to the CAST together, not just the ON/OFF function, so time needed to do the integration work.

Lights and sensors will be go live in the next version V1.1.0 which expected launch in the early September, while power monitoring devices are on the V1.2.0 to-do list.

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thank you for your quick reply and all your assume work you are doing to keep this product alive so far it has been fun to learn and implement into my smart home conversion and not having to look for and try to find different devisees that work to gather.

again thank you for all your hard work


Happy you like it, free to let us know any ideas you may have, cheers.