📝 Early Access Enroll, eWeLink on Android Auto

Control eWeLink scenes on Android Auto!

eWeLink scenes on Android Auto simulator

Yes, Android Auto is on the way!

On April 10, we have launched the feature eWeLink on Apple CarPlay, which bring safty and seamless smart home experience to iPhone users when they are on the road, and at the same time, lots of Android Auto integration requests overwhelm us, of course we heard and know that should be supported, here, i’m happy to let you know that we are about to finish.

We have figured out how to make this happen on the simulator (see the picture upon there), and step to the coding and integrating phase, we are aimed to roll this feature out on the next Android version update in the middle of June, and Early Access Enroll opens for all users who are interested.

By leverage this feature, you’ll be able to control eWeLink manual scenes on Android Auto, giving you the ability to safely and seamlessly control the scenes that you want via Android Auto while you are in the car!

Know more about Android Auto>


  1. Android Phone
    Phones with Android 9 or earlier need to download the Android Auto app and run it anytime you’re on the road via the Google Play Store, while phones with Android 10 or later don’t need to because Google have make the App build-in.
  2. USB connect cable
  3. Compatible Cars with Android Auto, see all models that work with Android Auto >

If you are interested please follow the steps below, if not, ignore this post or tell us it’s not suitable for you.

How to enroll?

Just reply to this topic, and eWeLink staff send the invitation link to you separately via message of the forum once we finish coding and packaged the App, which expected will be by the end of May.

How to use it?

  1. Connect your Phone to Android Auto, How?
  2. Find and Launch the eWeLink App on your Android Auto
  3. Then you will see the Manual scenes shown on the Car’s display, just trigger it by touch or knobs and controls.

What we are expecting from you?

  1. Any ideas, suggestions, and issue report is much appreciated,
  2. Any picture or video clips filmed that can showcase control eWeLink scene on Android Auto.

Please Note,

  1. As this is a pre-release version, the eWeLink App may have bugs or imperfections, please participate in this test with caution,
  2. The official release of the new version App can be expected in weeks,
  3. eWeLink Advanced Plan subscribe required,
  4. Meaningless replies and complaints or even attacks to others will be subject to post deletion or even ID blocking without explanation.

Let’s shape the smart home experience together and inspire more.

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I will move some Android Auto related topics and posts previously below for further discussion and keep it all in one topic, and you guys don’t be surprised if you see some post may haven’t in the proper way/thread/time as it should be.

I’m using your application from long time, and I’m very satisfied. I get even android screen for my car, to control my garage door. The problem what I have after that was the application was not fitting to the screen. The application is made to be used on phone (vertical) screen, but on tablet (horizontal) screen I cannot see half from the application screen, and I can log in. The android player what I use is Junsun 32gb Ram and 128gb memory

Can you please make something about that pls :slight_smile: Thank you in advance!

eWeLink on Android Auto is on the way!

Hi all,
Yesterday I configured the Samsung SmartThing to use eWeLink device.
Then on my android Auto I opened the SmartThing app to access my favorites scenes, like the one that will open the gate to access with the car.

This kind of configuration is a but tricky to be done and some time fail too.

Are you maybe planning to have a compatible app for Android auto and maybe Apple Auto to access directly from the car screen the favorites scenes?


That’s a interesting try out, some of our users have similar exploration like Come controllare i tuoi dispositivi SONOFF in auto? - DOMOFACILE.

As APP for cars, we don’t have a plan yet, but one consideration is that if the experience of control device via touch-screens from cars is safety and convince, or the integration of voice assistant is better than an APP for cars.

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it better to use app on car screen rather than phone as on car screen, you just need to scroll thrubthe app. on phone, holding phone with one hand, looking at ewelink on phone, scrolling, etc, is not safe

i have tried it out on home assistance, it much safer

this is not safe. we only need one button to open/close gate from android auto.

check out what home assistant did. simple. to go thru ewelink web searching for the right button is no no

We have launched the CAST app for tablets month ago, some of the users downloaded and installed it on there cars, but I’m not sure if it can be done with different cars, which is all controled by the car’s manufacture.

Join us with the CAST feature discussion here ♨ eWeLink CAST Updates: V2.10 on May 16 - more Mattter devices supported - #186 by Teki

i have tried it. but need to be paid user just to open my gate🤦

Adding IOT to a car seems like a bad idea to me, but I’m an old man and I don’t follow trends.

In terms of safety in the car… do you people use this while driving? Do you need to open the gate while driving? This is probably trying to force the problem and inventing a threat… stop the car and open the gate safely!

Some services cost extra, unfortunately…

If HA has it implemented and it is a good solution, why not use it? Sonoff/eWeLink can work with HA…

Does Android Auto have the ability to create buttons? Something like the url shortcut… Then a webhook would be enough and it can be done without $$$. The question is whether Android Auto has something in it or you can install something additional, shortcut applications.

On Android auto a shortcut that will make an http call to a defined webhook that will initialize the Sonoff device. If someone doesn’t want to pay for eweink web, you can do it for free using https://sequematic.com/

It’s just a matter of initiating the call url on the AA side. Of course if, AA has access to the Internet all the time…

no. not while driving. but when already in front of the house, rather searching for apps or remote. nice to have in the car

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enroll me

Definitely, will send you the personal message when we finish it.

Hi, can I have join the early access enroll for the eWelink on Android Auto.
My phone is Samsung S23U Ultra.

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