🚙[On evaluation stage, free discussion here]CarPlay integration

I use Sonoff for many things but one of my main uses is the garage doors.
It would be good if we can have Apple CarPlay integration so on the vehicle screen I can select scenes etc to manage the doors etc. thanks.

The idea sounds cool! However, to be honest, we haven’t heard any plan to integrate eWeLink to CarPlay at this point. We’ll let you know when there is any update.

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Is there any update on whether any CarPlay integration is likely or upcoming?

We have applied for the relevant documents of Apple Carplay. It will take a few months to familiarize with the documentation and APIs before we can finally evaluate whether such integration is possible.

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Thank you for the update much appreciated

This is definitely a ‘nice to have’ feature that I would be interested in.

In the interim, the EWeLink Apple Watch app with scenes control could be a potential workaround to touching the phone but both controlling the phone or watch (while in charge of a vehicle) would be deemed illegal use while on a public highway whereas scene control via CarPlay would be allowed. Use of Siri to control phone or watch is debatable while driving… but that’s a different matter!

I can’t wait
I can’t wait
I can’t wait

It’s on evaluation stage, the latest progress is that we have figured out how to mirror devices and sences by using CarPlay simulation, there’re lots of regulations should be followed from the UI to the security level, it’s takes time, stay tuned guys.


Thank you for raise this topic, i have changed the title for better engage.

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Tema de mucha importancia! Gracias por seguir dando apoyo a la comunidad.
Fascinando con la aplicación y todo lo que se puede hacer.