eWeLink on Apple CarPlay

eWeLink on Apple CarPlay

The latest version of the eWeLink app (iOS v5.4.1) has just introduced exciting new integration with CarPlay, empowering you to control your connected home devices right from your vehicle’s center display!

Here’s how the eWeLink CarPlay works:

Step 1. Add Your Scenes to CarPlay

  • In the eWeLink app, go to Profile > CarPlay
  • Tap “Go to Edit” to add your preset home scenes
  • Scenes could include actions like opening the garage door, turning on lights - all triggered with a single tap.

Step 2. Run Scenes on CarPlay

  • Refer to following steps to connect your iPhone to CarPlay, or refer to Apple Support

    1. Start your car, then make sure Siri is on.
    2. Connect your iPhone to your car:
    • If your car supports CarPlay with a USB cable: Plug your iPhone into the USB port in your car. The USB port might be labeled with a CarPlay icon or a smartphone icon. Be sure to use an Apple USB Cable.
    • If your car supports CarPlay both wirelessly and with a USB cable: Plug your iPhone into the USB port in your car. The next time you attempt to connect your iPhone to CarPlay, an alert on your iPhone allows you to connect wirelessly.
    • If your car supports only wireless CarPlay: Press and hold the voice command button on your steering wheel. Make sure that your stereo is in wireless or Bluetooth mode. Then on your iPhone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and make sure that Wi-Fi is also turned on. Tap the CarPlay network, and check that Auto-Join is turned on. Then, go to Settings > General > CarPlay, and select your car. Check your car manual for more information.
  • On the car’s display, open the eWeLink app and tap on a scene to execute it instantly

  • Your smart home devices will spring into action, delivering a truly seamless automated experience

You can also customize the order of apps on your CarPlay display from your iPhone settings, just go to Settings > General > CarPlay to add, remove, and rearrange the apps.

With eWeLink’s new CarPlay integration, you can now control your connected home wherever the road takes you. Upgrade to eWeLink v5.4.1 today and experience the future of smart living - intelligent scenes executed effortlessly from your car’s center display. Make your daily routines smarter with just a tap!


Hello eWeLink team

I installed eWeLink in my auto radio android and app installed correctly but when I open and try to put the user and password the boxes are not accessible.
It seams that app is not expected to be opened in landscape mode and the zones are not accessible.

You have any idea how to solve this issue?


when are android users getting theirs🙏?


Android auto is in the plan, may need some time.

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Hey guys, have you try the CarPlay feature with our latest releases? I would much appreciate any pictures or video clips you uploads here in this thread, looking forward to hear from you, and free to let us know any questions may have.

The eWeLink app is designed for mobile phones while the CAST app is for tables, not for cars, but we are on the way to support Android auto in the next two or three updates, please stay tuned.

BTW, we have launched the CarPlay feature in the latest ios version of eWeLink app.

Here my demonstration

  • Gate Control
  • Home Lift Control

All via Apple car play


Yes I’m using it and so far works top.

Warm suggested for next release to add current state of the devise managed.
I Know it manages scenes, while the state shows a state of a device, there is probably a workaround.

It is hard to blind manage a device, like if i like to turn the garden lights remotely via the CarPlay i don’t know the current state, and can easily turn it of instead on and vise v.

If not possible, we will need to have 2 scenes for each device to turn on or off.

Thx for the suggestion!

Have forwarded your ideas to our Carplay team.

I think Apple does not allow us to do as such interface but let’s take a deep look throughoutly.

I’ve been waiting for this feature so long and it is working perfectly in my main account. However, i have shared home with my wife, unfortunately she can’t add scenes from shared home to CarPlay list, is it possible to fix it?

Thank you.

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In next update, users will be able to select scenes shared from other account, is her eWeLink account in Advanced Plan?

Hello Teki,

Thank you very much, she was but when I figured out about this bug i did cancel the subscription, I will subscribe again after the update.

Hi Ahmed,
thank you for the reply.
In the meantime, we’re also considering launching a new family sharing Advanced Plan. Please stay tuned.
by the way, thank you for supporting eWeLink, we have a gift for you, please check your forum message box.

This really generous of you, thank you very much.

Hi there, I’m a new user.
I’m trying to set up my CarPlay app. Is it possible to set command from channel received by link instead of device?

Cause it seems that when I try to create a new command i only can insert new device…


Any manual scene you can set up successful will be available on CarPlay feature.

Hi’ I’m having the same issue here as well. My main account working just fine with Carplay but the shares account with family member cant have access to carplay. We are both on advanced account. Can we get estimated date when the new updates will be released…I’m really looking forward for it


It should have been supported since the last iOS version. Could you please check if you have any updates in the App Store? It may not automatically update.