eWeLink on Apple CarPlay

Hi there. Thanks for your swift response. Already updated my app to latest version and it works wonder. Now my wife and I can both use eWelink on Carplay. Thanks for for your response :pray:t2::pray:t2:


Você poderia gravar mais videos de outraa cenas? Consegue mostrar ligando uma luz?

Hi Teki,
could u tell any date that this update should happens? As Ahmed, i bought a advanced plan for a family member and couldnt use the carplay coz of shared device.

Another question about this … Since i cant use the shared device, how i can cancel the current subscription? I would like to subscrib when this function is avaiable.

It is not possible. You can simply not use it. But the company doesn’t refund the money.

*Once activated, the subscription plan is non-refundable.

Hi, it is already available in eWeLink APP v5.5
did you share the whole eWeLink home by adding members to the home? if the members join the home, they should be able to select Scenes you created in CarPlay.
make sure your eWeLink APP version is V5.5 or higher

Hi there, this update is available on the eWeLink app(iOS V5.5.0 and above).
The manual scenes need to be created first by your account and then shared with another account via the Home Sharing feature. Here are the steps for Home Sharing:

Step 1. Creates manual scenes with your account first.
Step 2. Once the scenes are created, you can share the scenes with another account using the Home Sharing feature. (your account > Profile > Managing Sharing > Share the home(where the scenes are located)).
Step 3. After the scenes are shared with others, the account should be able to see and select them in the CarPlay function.

Hi all
Have the exact same issue with shared account that can’t create scenes
App is already updated

members cannot create or edit scenes, they can add existing scenes to their CarPlay.