[CLOSED] Early access to control eWeLink scenes on Apple CarPlay!

Control eWeLink scenes on Apple CarPlay!

Yes, we heard the request from you guys, and we are about to finish the developing work, here I’m pleased to invite you to preview and test the new feature of our upcoming iOS version of the eWeLink App, use eWeLink on Apple CarPlay!

You’ll be able to control eWeLink manual scenes on CarPlay, giving you the ability to safely and seamlessly control the scenes that you want via CarPlay while you are in your car!

Know more about CarPlay >


  1. iPhone with iOS 16 or later
  2. USB connect cable
  3. Compatible Cars with CarPlay, see all models that work with CarPlay >

If you are interested please follow the steps below, if not, ignore this email or tell us it’s not suitable for you.

How to enroll?

  1. Download and install the TestFlight via the App Store
  2. Reply to this topic, and eWeLink staff send the invitation link to you
  3. Download and install the up-to-release version of the eWeLink App (Marked as 5.4.1(1)) via TestFlight

How to use it?

  1. Connect your iPhone to CarPlay, How?
  2. Find and Launch the eWeLink App on your CarPlay
  3. Then you will see the Manual scenes shown on the Car’s display, just trigger it by touch or knobs and controls.

What we are expecting from you?

  1. Any ideas, suggestions, and issue report is much appreciated,
  2. Any picture or video clips filmed that can showcase control eWeLink scene on CarPlay.

Please Note,

  1. As this is a pre-release version, the eWeLink App may have bugs or imperfections, please participate in this test with caution,
  2. The official release of the new version App can be expected in weeks,
  3. eWeLink Advanced Plan subscribe required,
  4. Meaningless replies and complaints or even attacks to others will be subject to post deletion or even ID blocking without explanation.

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UTC 08:55 am

We’ve made some minor updates and known issue fixes, so the version number is now 5.4.1(2).

Feel Free to newly install or upgrade.

UTC 03:22 am

We plan to release the official carplay-enabled version this week, so we are discontinuing this early access program, so please look forward to the official release!

@cdnightingale @carrollaccounts @njdt @aj.dalesio @cristianrare03
Hey guys, thanks for your ideas and discussion earlier in this topic, happy to invite you to this preview test, i would happy that you like other exclusive advance plan features also.

WoW! enrolled.

Wow, excelentes noticias. Estoy interesado en realizar el test de esta nueva funcionalidad

Hi I am happy to test for you if you send me the link please

:person_raising_hand:DM TestFlight invitation ASAP please

@HeisenBerg @port4u @cristianrare03 @gordon1
I have DM you guys the TestFlight link for eWeLink pro-release version with CarPlay feature.

Open it with your iPhone Safari and following the steps to download TestFlight and test versions of eWeLink App.
Then you will find the portal for CarPlay setting in Profile Page of the App.

Let me know how’s going and issues you may have.

I am keen
Pls send me the link

Hello. I’m interested to test. Please send me a link. Thanks you.

Hey @forum600129974283 @SYSY

Thx for your interest! I have sent you the TestFlight link via DM.

Please take a look when available, and let us know your ideas on the new feature!


I am very interested in being able to test run this app but do not have an advanced plan is that necessary for me to test this further. I think this could save a lot of time and effort.
Please advise

Pls send me the test link

I think I can send you a redeem code for advanced plan when I back to office on April 7.

Will send the link to you tonight at UTC+8.
Hours needed to get my MacBook.

Hi I am happy to test please

@mbez @bborissov Please check your message: )

Please, send me the invitation link for test EweLink on Apple CarPlay. Thank you.

Please send me de link

I‘d really like to control my garage door, so send me the link please!